TJ Combo's age

How old is TJ Combo? 25? 26?

he has gotta be in his late 30s or 40s based on his lore

Season 1 characters have their ages in their introductions, so even though KI3 is not considered a direct sequel anymore we can still use that as a reasonable guideline.

In KI1&2 Jago was 22, and in S1 it says he’s 30.
In KI1 TJ was 25 and in KI2 he was 26, so to say he might be 33 or 34 in KI3 would be a fair assumption.

Two things to consider, of course. First, KI3 is now a reboot so everything is subject to retcon. Secondly, black don’t crack.

tl;dr 33 or 34… maybe

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