Tj combo vs jago tips?

I just want to know how the frag grenade do I even beat a jago player. I can’t even get up in his face without jago poking me most of time. :cry:

Just spam Powerline. :J

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^ basically this

“Spam powerline” is the short of it, I guess, but I discussed this stuff from the Jago side of things in the Jago matchups thread.

Basically, if you’re at mid-to-full-screen and you want to get in on Jago’s face (which you should want to do, you’re TJ), I think that situation favours you. Jago can’t really zone with fireballs or wind kick at all because he’ll get flattened by powerline, or worse, you could powerline-tumble under the fireballs and wreck him; and you get to control when you’ll go in with one of your powerline options, and meanwhile can fish for knockdowns with tremor, maybe control space with spin fist, etc.

You mentioned being thwarted by Jago’s pokes. Mostly I think you can probably powerline through Jago’s buttons, or tumble and then punish. That said, I’ve found that a fast button cancelled into DP will beat powerline (on reaction to powerline startup, but obviously not on reaction to choosing to go through with the powerline) and may recover before tumble does (though if I’m trying to beat powerline and tumble with buttons, I’m probably going to DP, so maybe you can bait that if your opponent is doing that?). On the other hand, spin fist and flying knee appear to beat all of Jago’s buttons outright. Spin fist is also even on block and starts a combo on hit, so spin fist* off of a powerline is a good way to read pokes.

TJ is very read-based, but overall I think you have the advantage on the approach. I’ve been trying to break down the situation as I’ve indicated in the thread I linked, and I’m sure if you did the math you’d find that the approach is a pretty advantageous game for TJ. What you have to worry about is your wakeup game: if Jago knocks you over on a lucky read, he can probably make you sit there and eat his pressure.

*lol, remove the dot from “spin fistin.g” and you get “spin fisting”.

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