Tj Combo- Shadow knee for recapture?

The title says it all… I myself know a few balance changes to weaken him in other aspects will need to be done. But imagine the combo possibilities. The shadow knee as of now is primarily used in combo. But imagine it as a tool, to control space with the threat of a recapture in neutral. And endless juggle potential. Just a thought. I’d like to hear some opinions. Lets discuss

I don’t understand the benefit of it. He already has recaptures that don’t cost meter (and one that does cost meter, if you really want to do that). Pretty sure shadow Tremor is safe on block, too.

Do you want a faster move to recapture so you can hope to randomly hit jumping opponents in neutral with it? I just don’t see why you would want this.


Not hope to hit, but more like strategically hit. Currently out of it being used in combo it doesn’t have much usage, for me at least. It would open up his combo potential. Being that Tj is a back and forward,up and down character i figure this would add another layer. Just thinking about things and this came to my head… Btw not looking to make it safe on block. I don’t believe i mentioned that.

Doesn’t it already carry them and cause a hard knockdown on ender, though?

Can you explain what new combos would be possible that currently aren’t possible with shadow or regular Tremor? I guess I’m not understanding how his potential would be opened up.

I dont understand the reason for this move being needed? He has like 7 recaptures or more basically with vortex, tremor, flip out shenanigans, ect…

This change would have to take away from the current benefits of the knee… no thanks
But hey, ideas are cool and welcomed… thats what we are here for right?

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Thank you… I just wanted to hear some arguments against my idea. I am now enlighten. I’ll just continue to dream of a better game without ever thinking of changing it or being creative in my thoughts while playing it. Suggestions seem to be… in a way attacked.

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It’s -4 on block. Not exactly safe, but not too bad either.

Ummm… what? I think you’re reading these posts in the wrong tone. All anyone’s asked for is a reason. The only response seems to be, “Because it’d be cool.” Don’t get me wrong, I like having cool things just for the sake of having cool things. Like my KI figures, and my Warhammer 40k models.

You mentioned combo diversity. What I want to see is a situation this move would be used instead of Back Step into normal or normal into Tremor, if the change was made. Is there one you had in mind?

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Shadow tremor does the same function that what you are suggesting.

It’s like giving a hadoken to Jago. It’s redundant.

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No problem man

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