TJ Combo last brath fail part 1

TJ Combo last breath didn’t activate this happened twice here’s part 2

It seems like it’s a really bad bug. In fact, that’s the same bug that Thrash Heavy got hit with at AB7 fighting Fiyah Liger. Be sure to put this in the Bug Thread, so that the Devs can see it. Be sure to tag them as well.


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Oh hey, Post to this one, that was the one for Season 2. :slight_smile:

Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

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Dont forget the TJ instinct bug I posted twice in the last few months were he activate last breath after a full ultra… the ultra juggles build his instinct meter and then he last breathes after the ULTRAAAAA!!!

Fn BS man! The bug goes both way good and bad for TJ.

Soz 'bout the bad link. Fixed in all 3 instances.

it looks like its some sort of bug that Im assuming has to do with his Falcon Punch’s armor properties.

If TJ loses his last bit of health while armored via powerline (whether thrown, absorbing a hit, or a fierce normal beating the armor), last breath doesn’t trigger. It’s pretty easy to duplicate in training mode.

SO what about him gaining instinct and last breath off of Ultra ender juggles?

Maybe they’ll be able to fix it, I dunno.

In the meantime you could just not do post-round ultra juggles on TJ.

Yeah, I posted a video on the bug thread…tried to find it earlier but there are so many posts their and just from my self in general i couldn’t find it.

Both times i happened I wasnt even thinking… I was just on auto pilot doing y signature style ender.

Its a good bug for TJ and a bad bug for his opponents if they arent careful.