Tj combo cross up knee S2

I don’t know anyone that landed this attack but what do guys think about this are they going to remove it? Because frankly it reminds me of Dee Jay when he does his flying knee…

Its not consistent enough…but seems like a good idea. I use medium kick for the jump in.

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Same here I use heavy punch to jump in when I do a knock down combo on the opponent

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Ill have to try that too… Hvy punch lump in. Have you seen Rebelos TJ in the World cup top 8? Oh man! If you havent you need to watch all videos on Reblo and learn everything you can! Dude is amazing!

Sure I will take a look at rebelo’s Tj but I kinda fancy HK SMASH Tj though because of his juggle combos.

Rebelo is waaaay better in my opinion! THe dude had Rico beat man… it was 2-1…Rico in danger and Rico made a comeback. Then he won 2 straight. Rebelo could have won the entire world cup. Definitely deserved the 3rd place showing. I dont even think HK smash made it out the 1st round…Ill have to go back and look though.