TJ Combo Classic Character design

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This has probably one of my only big pet peeves with Killer Instinct. When I look at all the other characters classic designs they look as they would from KI2 but I look at TJ and I don’t see anything strange but his arms. And I am confused to why they just have it to like it was in KI2. I am fine if it were an accessories to change his arms to look like cybernetic implants, but it bothers me when I see it as a default unchangeable customization. I wish thier was an option like this. Sorry about kinda nagging its just I am a huge Tj fan as he my favorite character in fighting games, and I want to see him represented right.

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I think they look cool. Shame that they don’t change with the shirt assessory though. I love mixing his jersey with his default pants, and default head.

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Well…if you consider the boots which could be shorter…Orchid could either be KI1 or KI2 even though she was meant to be KI2. Riptor never was in KI2 so there’s that.

Regardless I think I see your point ’ - ’ have a nice day!

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I agree with the accessory addition, but still have TJ’s arms bothering me, its like in Sonic Boom when they gave Knuckles steroids and now his arms 50% proportion of muscle mass.