TJ Combo Boxing Beta! Leak

Come on champ today your going to learn about powerline today

Can yall imagine if this was finally a solid boxing game for Kinect!!! :smiley:

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Sounds like a low budget Windows game.

Sounds like a HoloLens game to me.

Sadly the Kinect is a dead accessory, not going to happen.

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Let me end he speculation. It was a mobile game prototype we were working on to go hand in hand with some interesting tech being developed for our phones.

The tech didn’t end up being put into production, so the game wasn’t finished. It was pretty cool - it told the rise of TJ and his whole dealings with ultra tech. His trainer was modeled after Ken Lobb too. =)

It played like punch-out but with combo mechanics and KI flair.


Is it possible that we see this “tech” again in the future? It would make for a great story. TJ, the great boxer who had his rise, fall and made his comeback, having a game made on tech that had its rise, fall and made a comeback? Heh.

I’m not sure that’s the “tech” he is talking about… Lol

I’m not sure what tech he’s talking about at all, but he mentions it didn’t end up being put into production so I asked if there was a possibility that it could be brought back at some point.

If it’s windows 10 only, my guess is it’s going to be a very basic game, possibly just some sort of mobile like game that won’t hold up much of its own. Still waiting for that live action film though :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa! You just dropped a bomb very nonchalantly! What does it take for this still to happen!? Community Fund?!


Well, if it ain’t happening, is there a possibility of showing prototype footage?


The only windows phone tech I heard got scrapped was the pressure sensitive touch. Similar to what Iphone has now.

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Wow. I’d like to see it reworked if that were possible into something like a minigame for consoles. Community fund, here we come.

More information:

I so hope this gets resurrected.

Good article! I hadn’t seen it! Thanks for sharing!

Aw man, it was gonna play like a punch out game? Now I’m legit sad this never saw the light of day.

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It’s been nearly a year, any chance this will come back, or you can share any more information with us? I noticed the billboard reference in the background​ of TJ Combo’s stage again this weekend which made me hopeful this will still happen one day.

The phone the game was made for is dead. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a return.

Cellular PCs 🤷

Windows is going “Strictly Business” mobile…sigh