TJ auto barrage

When TJ first came out and even when he was Early acesss at the end of season 1, his auto barrage stuff was amazing and I loved doing it. Ever since he was reworked in that aspect, I basically never used him again. Recently I’ve been using him again because he’s level 48 and I just wanna go ahead and get his color 9. My question with the reworked auto barrage is this…let’s say u start of off with the back forward light punch spin back fist move which is X. Do you then have to press X again , and then all of the other buttons without pressing the same Twice. Or does the initial back forward X press move count as the first button of the barrage and you should just move on the other buttons after X ???

Sorry I know it’s kind of confusing lol

No, the spin fist does not count. Yes, you would need to press X again (or any other button you like to start the auto-barrage)

So for example, you can do b-f+LP followed by LP, MP, HP, LK, MK, HK.

Or you can do b-f+LP, followed by HK, MK, LK, HP, MP, LP… or whatever 6 buttons you feel like doing (without repeating).

The auto barrage is contained in the 6 buttons, not the opener.


Well, you can only do auto-barrage during the auto-double portion of the combo. Since b, f+LP is only used in neutral, as an opener, or as a linker, it doesn’t even apply. Basically, you could use it to start a combo as an opener, and THEN you would start pressing the 6 attack buttons (LP, LK, MP, MK, HP, HK - in any order, without repeating) afterwards as part of the AD portion of the combo. If you repeat an attack either on purpose, or by accident, it turns your auto-barrage into an advantage ender, immediately ending the combo, but giving you frame-advantage on your next IMMEDIATE potential attack. You could do it during the AD portion of the combo following a linker, but in a lot of cases, this may result in you blowing up, or dropping the combo, as the KV (kill value) meter (a.k.a. the combo meter) may get too full.

Amazingly degenerate. TJ basically got to ignore the manual limitations (frame data was reworked in Season 2 so that manuals after linkers can only be the same strength or lower) by using barrage to follow up any linker with two unreactable hits of any strength and then another linker. It was stupid.

The reworked barrage is still probably the best combo trait in the game, anyway: instead of counter-breaking your heavy auto doubles and getting murdered if your opponent doesn’t fall for it, you barrage medium or light, causing a lockout if your opponent breaks heavy and allowing you to go for advantage ender or play counter breaker mind games if they don’t take the bait. Any other character would kill for a safe counter breaker, and TJ has something even better than that.


Thanks a lot guys. It felt so much more satisfying being able to finish out the barrage With a huge power line type ender before it was changed. Now it seems like the final hit is just some weird body shot that’s not really an ender or doesn’t feel like one. Could one of you guys upload a video of it being done correctly so I’ll Know EXACTLY what it looks like. I never know if I’m actually doing it anymore or not because I don’t know exactly what it looks like…If not no worries but thanks a bunch in advance

That’s because there’s a new change where repeating a button in the sequence gets that gut punch you’re talking about. It’s called an Advantage Ender and it’s basically good for starting another setup because you have the advantage. Because you can’t cancel the Auto Barrage either, it also works as your main way of stopping it if you don’t want to go for the full sequence. You can also combo after it in Instinct.

I thought if a button was repeated he would do that thing where he just stops the whole barrage ? So the gut punch is actually a repeated button; I thought that’s just how it was was since they’ve changed it lol in that case what is the actual last hit then if no buttons are repeated ? Is it a power line line type ender like it originally was ?

No! If you are doing the gut punch then you failed at doing the correct auto barrage sequence. When he does the AB ender… you will know it! Its a huge punch to the ground THUD!!!

Follow the tips above and you should be able to complete it easy easy.

Appreciate it man. Thanks

While I tend to agree that his original auto barrage was too strong, and autobarrage remains strong, you aren’t guaranteed a lockout by starting autobarrage with a heavy and moving to a medium or light, although the window is definitely much shorter than a heavy AD. As it stands right now, I am generally able to break an autobarrage by looking for the second heavy hit - unless I’ve locked out before the barrage starts.

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You really can’t miss it if you do the auto-barrage correctly. He does a really powerful punch downwards, knocking the opponent to the ground. The screen shakes violently. His punch actually pauses at impact for half a second to emphasize how powerful it is. The camera changes angle slightly (the way camera usually moves during enders). He lets out a big “HUHHHHH!”.

When you repeat a button he does a gut punch and both opponents are left standing. If you drop the combo entirely, both are left standing. Those are the only possible results during an auto-barrage – if the opponent is still standing, you did not complete the auto-barrage. If the opponent is on the ground, you completed it. (But, again, the screen shake and powerful punch is pretty unmistakable.)

Ok thanks man now that I know the opponent hits the ground I’ll know exactly what to look for.