Titanfall 2 Tierlist

NOTE: I am not a very good Ronin or Northstar or Scorch player so my experience is fighting them as others, though I do play them a bunch in frontier defence. I have also not had many matches with The new Scorch buffs versus players. I’d consider myself a Legion/Tone main.

[]Titanfall 2 Tier list

A+: Tone, Legion
A: Ion, Monarch
A-: Ronin
B: NorthStar, Scorch

[]Titanfall 2 matchups

○Ion: G- Legion, Tone, Monarch. B- Northstar, Ronin, Scorch?.

○Scorch: G- Ion?, Ronin. B- Northstar, Legion, Tone, Monarch.

○Ronin: G- Northstar, Ion, Tone. B- Scorch, Monarch.

○NorthStar: G- Legion, Scorch, Ion. B- Tone, Monarch, Ronin.

○Tone: G- Scorch, Northstar, Monarch(50/50). B- Ion, Ronin, Legion.

○Legion: G- Scorch, Monarch, Ronin, Tone. B- Northstar, Ion.

○Monarch: G- Ronin, Scorch, Tone(50/50) NorthStar. B- Ion, Legion.

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