Tips for TJ Combo?

I’ve been looking into this character recently and have been wondering a few things. They’re mostly all fundamental related. If you have any general advice or can specifically respond to my list of questions below that’d be great. Kinda want to get a dialogue going for the basics of TJ.

First, what are his anti airs? None of his normals seem too good in terms of hitbox. is it just down up punch? And is that even all that good? And speaking of normals, is he reliant on them at all, they seem very stubby and short.

Does TJ have any good reversals, like when I know someone is gonna hit a button and they’re pressuring me and there’s a gap is there something I can contest with? Or do I just need to poke out?

What are his good jump ins and cross up? For me only jump heavy kick was hitting somewhat consistently on crossup, jump medium kick always seemed to whiff on crossup.

What are some core things to keep in mind that you guys do every game and feel are incredibly important for people to know? Ya know, like a good setup, block pressure, gameplans, etc. Anything that you feel is fundamental to how you think TJ needs to be played to succeed.

Thanks in advance guys!

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Do a roll after doing a flipout it will quickly exchange sides as a mixup and reset you can also target flipout in the air by doing light punch and light kick and I would go for a command grab or light tremor after doing a air flipout with tj.For pressure I would do the 2 target combos medium punch into heavy punch and medium punch into medium kick and do backstep.Becareful for shadow counter so don’t do it much when they have meter.For a crossup it is already done for you its the turn around punch you jump over them and press back and medium punch or press the side were on before you crossed them up and medium punch.For example just jump up straight and do back medium punch in the air.If you wallsplat them into the corner go for a command grab,tremor or end a combo with vortex and flipout them out in the corner.Also his reversal is the vortex and shadow vortex unlike a dp you will have to wait for the enemy to fall towards you sometimes you might get hit out of it by trying to do it on wakeup so only use it as a antiair you can combo after it too by doing any medium or heavy attack.One more tool is the roll use it to go through projectiles/fireballs.Now the rest is up to you mate.

TJ is a ground-to-ground fighter. If your opponent is jumping in on you it is usually best to backdash away and then counterpunch the area that they are landing in. If you are knocked down and the opponent is jumping all over you with cross-up attacks it is usually best to try and roll under them during the apex of their jump, though your defense against this kind of stuff is somewhat matchup dependent. Don’t try to use his vortex/cyclone as an anti-air because it has terrible priority.

TJ’s only reversal is the shadow vortex/cyclone. It’s usually best to save it for wakeup. Don’t forget to try to follow up with a full-combo or flipout if it lands.

Again, TJ is better at playing a ground game. Make use of his backdash, forward dash, roll, st. MP-> st. HP, and fakeout powerline to keep moving laterally and keep your opponent guessing. His ability to make sweeping changes in his lateral ground movement can catch a lot of players off guard. If you do use an aerial attack, the jumping medium kick is decent, and his backwards air medium punch is his cross-up which can occasionally catch people on wake-up.

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Saving shadow vortex for wakeup is worse as a dp on wakeup cuase it involves luck but TJ’s dp is even more worse than a original you will have to wait to use it as a anti air and it will sometimes frustratingly miss.