Tips for motivating KI videos to showcase for noobs during stream intermissions!

Hello again everybody. :slight_smile:

As you might know I am trying to make the SFV community understand the awesomeness of Killer Instinct.

Now, a problem I have had is that while I transition from SFV to KI on stream I have little break because I need to rearrange my stream setup a little bit and stuff, and viewers end up leaving cuz they be like “Yo I only watch SF because I can’t be bothered learning other FGs”…

So I’m thinking of putting on some video every time I transition to make my viewers motivated. It could be hype videos or videos that help you learn the game. Maybe character tutorials even.

Suggestions? =)

Btw I have started making KI-related bot commands for my stream, so now the noobies can type for example !openers, !enders, !shadowcounters, et.c. and my bot will explain! :smiley:

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By noobs you mean newcomers right? XP
Yeah, the combo system isn’t hard and it’s intuitive once you get the mechanics. You are given the main ingredients to make your own cake. Or as Sajam said once “imagine combos as a sandwich, both breads are they opener and ender and you have to put at least something un the middle”. Then you can have a hell of a sandwich, right? XD

Combo breakers and ultras aren’t really hard to achieve. But recognizing all the auto animations to break takes its time (ir you can also break by sound and watching your character poses when being hit)
Then there’s fundamentals, which I think very good players have, and then there’s the priority system on which normal beats another one,etc. Of course every character has their own style and plays differently.
And of course you have the setups, mix ups, vortex etc which are a longer story, but at the very basic you can win with strong fundamentals (maybe? XD)

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I wanted youtube-videos ror. :stuck_out_tongue: