Time to Evolve - Aria Tech Thread

Utilize this thread to showcase the tech our AI unit has learned during her battle simulations.

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Well you can juggle a sweep into a hard knock down and dash forward,call in a bass drone,jump over the opponent,and get a free mixup. I call it the Geoff the Infil Vortex.

There are a lot of things you can do after explosive arc ender. I’m still trying to find more setups.

(Booster Body)

Combo - Explosive Arc Ender - sweep (grenades will juggle) - dash forward - bass assist - jump over or stay over for crossup/fake crossup.

Combo - Explosive Arc Ender - sweep - bass assist - hover - mp crescendo (crossup if at the correct positioning)

Combo - Explosive Arc Ender - blade assist - lk explosive arc - jumping lp (flipout) - dash under, go low or high. stay on the same side.


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Combo - Explosive Arc Ender - sweep (grenades will juggle) - jumping lp (flipout) - immediately you land, just jump above the landing opponent with a jump high punch cresendo. but you should not do this too often, keep it as a trick the opponent will not be ready for.

Hi, I just picked up this game and decided to main ARIA. I’ll be working on lots of tech for her. :slight_smile:

Here’s a little preview.


Be wary of using her standing hk, it’s bugged right now and once they fix it in the next patch anything using it like your second flip out video might not work.

Hm, I thought only the chargeable far HK was bugged. I only used close HK here.

Here’s what I found about IOH j.HK setups for Bass body. First of all, I prefer flip out enders over hard knockdowns mainly because the opponent won’t recover as much white health before follow-up pressure. I also like to take advantage of flip outs to create confusing left/right mixups, which are both hard to block and hard to interrupt with reversals.

Basically, the combos break down into these parts:

  1. j.HK (IOH)
  2. Filler 1
  • st.LP, cl.HK
  • cr.HP xx qcf+PP
  • st.LP, qcf+PP
  • qcf+PP
  • (Aganos only) cl.HK
  1. Filler 2
  1. st.LK (flip out), dash

* Note that after cr.HK, a cross-up is not possible on Arbiter.

Edit: Updated for patch 3.1.

  1. (Midscreen) If you hold up + forward after any explosive arc ender and use jump LP as early as possible, you’ll flipout the opponent and land just before they do. Don’t hold a direction to land in front, or hold forward for a split-second on landing to end up behind them; a basically unreactable mixup.

  2. (Midscreen) When in the blade body on an opponent’s wakeup, you can call the booster assist and hold up-forward, then perform jump MP fairly early. If they block the crossup booster assist, the jump MP will hit them as a non-crossup and force them to quickly switch sides while blocking or be comboed. If they do get hit by the assist, you can get a juggle conversion into flipout or damage.

  3. (In corner) if an opponent is cornered and knocked down with very low health (5% or less), you can use the blade assist from a dash length away, then dash in and grab before it hits. If most characters do anything except grab tech, they’ll be either grabbed or hit by the assist (though you might eat a dp before it hits). Bass body is preferable for the speed and surprise.
    This prevents shadow counters, most invincible reversals, and projectile invincible moves messing up your preferred method of chip kill, but relies on being a surprise. It’s kinda gimmicky and won’t work against all reversals, especially if they can instinct cancel.