Time for a new artwork display?

May seem like a trivial detail, but who would like to see the artwork for KI change back to something else instead of being stuck on Eyedol?

I know that some games, like Smite, update it’s artwork every so often to help show off & promote new events going on. But it’s been a while since Eyedol’s been out & I personally like the other artworks KI had on display before the Eyedol one.

If you needed some extra clarity as to what exactly I’m talking about, I’m referring to this…

Eyedol’s been chillin up there for a while now & I’d like it if we could get something like this instead…

What do you guys think…like having Eyedol up there? Want something else on display? Or just indifferent to the whole thing?


I’m pretty much indifferent for me here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah I figured a few people would be lol. I achievement hunt on the side so I’m frequently visiting that page on my xbox & I see Eyedol up there a lot looking at me.

I thought it was changed to a picture of Gargos with Shadow Lords instead of Killer Instinct as the title?

Yeah it’s weird like that. If your viewing the achievements then you get the eyedol artwork…but if you are looking at pins or under the games & apps then it has the gargos artwork.

I imagine this is a simple fix changing th thumbnail as it’s been changed several times over the current lifespan of KI. I notice most games I own change theirs pretty frequently when a game patch drops.

I actually prefer that eyedol one over the shadow lords tile That shows up for me, but yeah I’d love it to go back to that great imagine of jago and fulgore. Or at least the current season logo.

All I see is the Shadow Lords logo with Gargos in the background. We need some consistency here.

Guess maybe it’s different for some people then? Some see Eyedol while others see Gargos. I remember I used to have Gargos on mine but then it switched to Eyedol one day & never changed back.

Regardless of whichever is seen both are still no longer brand new chars & features for the game, which is why I’d suggested it be changed back to it’s original look. But that’s just what I’d like to see.

I have a feeling that it will change when the third season 3.5 character releases.

Edit: I was wrong…