Time bomb


I have been trying to get all the dossier items in shadow lords but one seems to be eluding me, and that is the one you get for fighting enemies with the TIME BOMB power. I have never seen this power in use. How do I get enemies to spawn with it?

There doens’t appear to be any mention of it online.


As far as I noticed, the Time Bomb power only ever appeared once in Shadow Lords, and that’s when doing a specific set of Ultratech-related missions.

I forget what the path is exactly, but at the end of it there’s 1 mission called “Hot Lead” where the opposing character has that Time Bomb power equipped. The dossier should drop after that battle.


Good morning!
This dossier you get in the challenge of the hot tip. This challenge is when your character has to find and prevent a newly connected and uncontrolled Kilgore.
You get the dossier beating him in the fourth challenge, and watch out for his character’s life as the potential damage increases with every second of the fight going on!