TIL Spinal's real name is Jolly John

It all makes sense now. The laugh, the fact that hes a pirate. I have to complete the lore, how do I get more spinach dossiers?

You have got to be joking on Spinal’s real name LOL, like seriously, who on Earth gets a name like that?

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im guessing your name is micheal, john or dave.


That’s it, we need a Jolly Roger costume for Spinal!

It’s freezing in here.

lol what?

Aka you’re way off.

Lol Who could be named jolly john in ancient babylonia ?


Jolly John is the name given to him by sailors who saw him cackling away as he sailed the world. It is not his birth name, which was lost millenea ago when he was cursed and driven mad.


I’m going with Izzik

Try again

I’m not getting the joke with jolly john =/

spinal’s final dossier mentions that his “real name” is “jolly john”.

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It’s just a silly pirate name and I think it’s awesome lol reminds me of Jolly Roger which is WAIT…a pirate ship flag :wink:

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I’m going with Kilgore. :relaxed:

No, it states that he was called Jolly John during some time, while he was a skeletal pirate

He didn’t born as skeletal pirate :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you… Glacius?

Nope, you’ll get it eventually maybe.