TIL: Double KO's don't count as a win for both players

Unlike for example Street Fighter where both players get a win in case of a double KO, in KI neither player gets a win. Was up 1-0 in ranked, double ko, and it stayed 1-0. Ended up losing 1-2 :frowning:

Ok, so it’s a tie. What’s the problem?

he was 1-0, the tie happened, then shoulda been 2-1 in matches and he shouldve won the set by SF standards is whats he saying. this is not the case imo.

as when you run out of A lifebar in KI it counts as one round, this is common in the ki tournament scene and is heard commonly in commentary. this is comparable to winning one round in sfv, main difference in sf that the winner gets life back for the next round.

what you got was fair in comparison with SF. nullifying the match and start a new match is comparable to the final round in SFV and theres a double ko, game takes it as a draw and no win is awarded.

Good thing this isn’t’ SF. I’ll take a tie over my opponent getting a double KO then having one round already then gets the win.

IMO double KO should always be “both players lost”, and never “both players won”.

This way you’re encouraged to try and secure a win, not just KO your opponent regardless of your own life gauge.

If you also got KO’d then I believe you don’t deserve the win, and seeing as how that goes for both players, it’s more than fair.

SFV has a lousy way of handling double KO’s, IMO. There should be no situation in which a match ends in a draw. If they wanna award a round to each player on a double KO then they should force an extra match if they already had a round each.

It’s happened to me, in a tourney. We ended up having to repeat the whole match because the game considered it a draw -_-

There’s no problem. It was TIL, today I learned, not today I got salty because. This is new to me.

Yeah, I’m fine with it. I just assumed it was like SF and a few other games out there.

I kinda want to see if IG could do something where if both players are KO’ed then they should stand back up at like either a full health bar or in the danger zone. Or they could just do nothing and leave it as is.

Coincidentally, I got a doble ko today as well, but both players on their first lifebar. There were letters saying DOUBLE KO. In the other double ko at the second lifebar, there weren’t any letters.

TIL what TIL meant, thanks gents


I’ve had double KO’s in the game but they’re super rare. I think it’d be only fair to award both players a win maybe.

Edit: I think if they can do it, maybe just give a final life bar to fight it out and see who wins. But if they can’t, fair enough. It’s just very strange when you have no idea who wins.