Tiger knee need fixing

TJs tiger knee is easily stuffed I’ve looked at all characters projectile invulnerables and TJ is the only one that’s stuffed can somone look in to this it needs work or a better start up for mid projectiles #Keitsplease also can we get are roll back its so tuff now that things I should be able to roll under I cant please help up with the TJ struggles.

Are you doing the regular Knee or Shadow Knee? I believe only the Shadow version can travel through projectiles.

As far as I know about the roll, the only change made to it was that it is no longer full-body invincible, but is still upper-body invincible and should allow you to roll under a lot of things still. It sounds like you’re trying to roll through low or mid attacks, which doesn’t work anymore.

Roll is projectile and upper body invincible still. You’ll have to lab up which pokes you can go through. Low pokes and most mid pokes won’t work. If it’s “tough” to play the game without an invincible roll, then try another character and figure out how they have to deal with it, then apply that knowledge to TJ, knowing that you still have Powerline to help.

I have no idea what you’re saying about the knee. Regular is a low crush and I don’t think shadow is projectile invincible at all.

Yes im doing the shadow knee not the normal one I feel it need a better start up everyone else on star up go’s right through projectiles but TJs always gets the bad end of the stick. Just my opinion.

Roll sucks now what’s the point of using it. Arbiter can do a full screen uppercut enroll gets stuffed I believe the old one was better Kim Wu can do her light overhead and stuff TJ’s roll Jago can do a wind kick and stuff TJ’s roll should I go on there’s a lot of upper attacks that stuff roll which shouldn’t. take it from me the old one was better. I went to the lab and tried other ways to deal with all of the other attacks but nothing works.

Jago is not windkicking your roll on reaction. If a Jago is YOLO windkicking you midscreen just sit, block, and let him be negative. Why use roll if your opponent voluntarily puts themselves at frame disadvantage for you?

Sounds like if your roll is getting stuffed by these forward advancing specials then you and your opponent are doing what I call “jousting”

That is, both of you are pressing whatever button gets you to the opponent quickest. Play some defense.

Yes, the old roll was definitely better. No argument from me.

If you were playing, say… Arbiter, and Jago does a wind kick at you, or Kim does an overhead at you, what would you do?

To go through projectiles or high jump-ins. To get better positioning. To go through some other attacks that aren’t the ones you listed above.

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I have a video showing how bad his anti projectile shadow is witch is the shadow tiger knee right? I tryed to post the embedded link but its not working. Ill post it on xbox dvr. Check it out I went through the cast to see how bad it was… you be the judge. Look up my gt you’ll see.

No, shadow tiger knee is not anti-projectile at all. You will always get hit.

Use roll instead.

Yeah and get stuffed by a LK or sweep and or mid attack. I just don’t think it’s fair that TJ is the only one without a anti projectile Shadow move and everyone else has a it. It’s not fair at all. Right now he is at the bottom I mean dead last.

Tusk doesn’t have one either. Like TJ has to use roll, Tusk needs to use spirit step to duck under, and even then that doesn’t protect him from angled or low projectiles like Hail or Rashakuken. TJ’s projectile/upper body invincible roll is awesome be comparison.

You asked for a projectile invincible move, not a hit invincible move.

TJ doesn’t even have to spend meter to get through projectiles! That’s pretty good! Why would you spend meter if you don’t have to? [quote=“Carter2402, post:12, topic:9343”]
Right now he is at the bottom I mean dead last.

Cool, I’ll pass the message along.


I guess infil hasn’t yet learned of Jago’s newest SE3 move: “sweepdokuken”


KI S3 Rainbow Edition confirmed?

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What is YOLO?

That’s coming in the next patch along with Hisako’s Vengefluence.