Tiger Fury help

Jago players I need help performing this move. Would anyone mind sharing a written explaination. How to do this. I don’t get it. Of course I can do it on accident when trying to do quarter circle forward.

Forward. Down. Down-forward (diagonal between down and forward). Punch.



Or you can do :
Forward then Quarter Circle Forward.

Does KI has the SFIV shortucut, with Down Forward 2 times ?

not a shortcut but within the motion of forward.down.forward you will trigger the move

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Down back->Down forward->Down Back->Down Forward

FINALLY!!! Thanks guys!!!

Tried looking at some street fighter stuff to help too. Hats off to you guys who can do these complicated moves on whim.

Ugh I suck I hate these inputs.

:arrow_right: :arrow_down: :arrow_lower_right:

So I’m doing the dojo mode and it was saying drawing a “Z” yeah no LOL. Nothing like it.

Edit making post incase others are having the same issues.

Takes alot of practise. I struggled with it in the beginning but now I almost never miss it. It helps me to switch to the d pad when I’m doing it but then I go right back to stick.

I’ve tried d-pad and it’s hit or miss. :-/ the stick it comes out when I’m trying to do something else. Haha

Yea I used to be in the same boat like I said takes practise. I literally just went into practise mode and just did tiger fury over and over until I was able to hit it consistently. Keep at it helps of you do it at the end of a shadow move too gives you a little extra time to put the input in and is less stressful. Keep at it man.

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Thanks that’s what I intend to do. I just got side tracked with Arby at the moment. Dude is Hella fun. I’m trying to finish the dojo mode.

If you look at your numpad and imagine that to be your controller, you’re going from 5 (neutral) to 6, from 6 to 2, then from 2 to 3. How is that not a Z?

There’s numbers on the controller? I’ll have to look when I get home.

I went to the dojo and it said to do Tiger’s Fury imagine drawing a “Z”. Me being a visual person tried it, lol it was a mess. I kept throwing fireballs.

No, there aren’t. But look at the numpad on a standard computer keyboard and imagine that 4 is left, 6 is right 8 is up and 2 is down. If you put your finger on 5 (neutral) and then go 5623, it’s an exact Z shape. You do the same thing on a stick (which also has 9 positions including neutral) or a D-pad if you’re doing the full, non-shortcut motion.

The only other advice I can give is go into training mode, turn on input display, and do the motion ONCE. If it fails, look at the inputs and see what’s missing and repeat.

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Wow that’s am interesting way on looking it never thought of our that way. Now I can’t wait to try it when I get home. Thank you :slight_smile:

Yea he’s a fun character to play especially with the new move tweaks they have added. Dojo is a great place to practise don’t give up of you get frustrated take a break and get back at it later on. Took me a good amount of time to finish the godlike combos towards the end but I for sure felt like I acomplish ed something when I finally did it. That was when the game launched too seems like forever ago now.

I want to add to your case OP. As with any F-D-F motions you should do them as many times as you can in practice mode, to the point where it is almost instinctive and almost unnoticeable.

After that you should try setting the dummy to jump in and attack you this way you can work making these said inputs faster.

Slowly work your way until you’re able to do it on reaction.

Thanks for the tips. That’s pretty much where this question came from lol I never went to the dojo but I wanted to this time around. Some of that stuff is tough for me as I’m still getting used to quarter circle motion characters. I need to work on my timings and I have a habit of pressing buttons. :disappointed_relieved: I’ve gotten better but I still can’t get this command down. The tiger fury is what’s keeping me from progressing.

@ShabuWL I tried your suggestion yesterday sometimes I “felt” the motion and did the move yay! Other times I would punch before I could get the tiger fury command out. Or I would jump. So I’m pressing buttons early or inputing the motion too hard. Another issue I’m doing is trying to draw an actual “Z” with the stick.

@JEFFRON27 that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing a few hours each night. :slight_smile: when I get bored or frustrated with it I switch back to learning another character. Then come back when I’m ready to try again. Slowly but surely I hope to get it. These quarter circle motions have been my demons for as long as I played fighting games.

You’ll get it man keep it up do what your doing and you’ll get there I’ve been playing the game since launch and I’m still learning everyday. I’m still not all that good but for sure seeing improvements in my game. Shadow modes is awesome too. Make a shadow and then fight it alot to see where the holes are I’m your game and then try and make them your strengths.

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