Tier lists from Season 1 and Season 2

I am just curios to know what the accurate Tier lists were back in Season 1 and 2 ( i have some idea but i just need some clarity if i am wrong or right?

Season 1:

Top: Sabrewulf, Sadira
High: Jago, Glacius, Fulgore
Mid: Thunder, Orchid, Spinal
(is that it?)

Season 2:

No idea need Help XD

(I think Fulgore and Spinal were both top 5 that’s all)

I think it was like

Top tier- Fulgore, Spinal, Sadira,Aria, Kan-ra Jago Maya, Wulf
Mid- Orchid
Bottom- Aganos, omen
Everyone else I don’t know

Season 1 was very immature in terms of being “figured out”, so some stuff that would have been legit broken-good (S1 Spinal had some completely unbreakable stuff as well) never saw tournament use. That said, your S1 list looks mostly right to me, except that I’d swap Thunder and Glacius (Glay has been greatly helped from his original form - he used to do piddly damage on zoning, only had a single hail at a time, and couldn’t liquidize under counter zoning attempts). Fulgore was also still potentially super good back then, but it’s pretty hard to make any real claims based on the meta at the time.

So on the bottom of the list I’d have Orchid and Glay, top would be the cheap stuff (Sadira, Wulf, Spinal), and mid-tier would be the rest.

S tier: Jago, Wulf, Sadira
Mid tier: Everybody else
Worst Char: Orchid

Jago had fullscreen shadow windkick(and more), wulf his teleport-backdash, and Sadira was Sadira

They were clearly the three most powerful chars in s1.