Tier List In KI 2?


I’m legitimately curious about this. KI Gold (aka 2) was a huge part of my N64 life and I would like to know where the characters stand. I know KI 1 has broken Cinder/Orchid, but what about KI 2?


Jago, Tusk, Fulgore, Glacius are the top tier IMO

then …Wulf, Spinal, Orchid,

then TJ, Maya, Kim Wu


I was wondering this myself and can’t find tiers.

Also I haven’t played enough good players to tell if they were playing those characters at their best.

I could say: Tusk, Maya and maybe Kim Wu gave me some trouble.

I main Wulf and I think he is better in tiers compared to KI1, but I don’t know if he is the best. He looks high mid tier at least. He didn’t have a throw, same as Fulgore. Jago looks solid!