"Tier List" for KI as it stands in 10/19?

The most recent thread (or most recent anything, rly) I can find discussing this at length is one focusing on I think Infilament’s Patch 3.8 tier list from like 07/17 or something.

I know KI hasn’t received any notable updates since then, and that there likely aren’t many ppl enthusiastically exploring new tech, but I’m curious as to how things currently stand. Is the general consensus still largely the same?

Like, do most ppl still regard Aria, Mira, Omen, and Rash as the strongest characters in the game? Are Sadira & that perverted mummy still in a bad way?

I appreciate and am grateful for any & all intel or knowledge you may be able to drop

@Infilament still mostly stands by that tier list, but he had some modifications he would make today (he now thinks Shadow Jago is much stronger).

@LetalisVenator made this one, that I think is quite good


Sadira… :cry:

Isn’t she still solid and quite viable?

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I actually did update that one slightly.


Sadira: underexplored since 2013 /s

She’s not unexplored at all.

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Pretty sure that’s what the “/s” was for :-p

I think the tier lists above are all reasonable, though reasonable people can disagree. Most players rate Mira a bit lower now, though I personally believe she’s still Top 5 (or just outside it). Sadira and Kan are still probably some of the weakest characters in the cast, though both are still viable and have done significant damage in tournaments. Shago is often also cited as among the weaker cast members, but I don’t think that’s really true personally. The character has enough tools that so long as he doesn’t kill himself making unnecessary bets he will tend to do quite well.

Personally after getting alot more experience fighting Mira she’s good but has very glaring weakness and gets dunked on by more characters than people realize.

I think Mira’s damage “it factor” negates a lot of the bad neutral/defense situations that she finds herself in. It’s one of the reasons I think Hisako doesn’t lose very many fights - even in matches where neutral isn’t in her favor (ala Aganos or Eagle), she simply outdamages the opponent and has ways to stay in. I think Mira has that as well, but that it requires a bit better management of the combo game.

Mira can virtually always kill you once she touches you. I think I just put more stock in that than most players. I don’t think anyone to date plays the combo game “right” with her.

This is true that her damage keeps her from ever being out of a fight much like hisako or thunder. But against certain characters (Aganos, cinder, kim wu among others) it can quite difficult to actually open them up even if she does make it past the unfavorable neutral vs them. Even in the few mus they lose if hisako or thunder touch you, getting opened up is not hard at all. One other key weakness she has vs them is that her aa game is very sub par. This plays into the majority of her more difficult mus such as cinder and omen. And her damage is a two way street unfortunately. Mira has to spend a lot of blood to open some characters up. And if she messes up she’s just as dead as the opponent would be if she does get the opening. Hisako doesn’t have that same drawback.

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I don’t disagree with any of those points in general, I just think they’re all manageable. Which goes back to my point about me not feeling anyone has ever really and truly played the combo game properly with her - I don’t think players have evolved that aspect of her appropriately, and I think that’s absolutely critical to making Mira as dangerous as she could be. She absolutely has to walk the razor’s edge, but I feel like if you ever manage to do it properly the character is just an absolute monster.

As I said above though, I think reasonable people can disagree about all of this. Even specialists can disagree about how MU’s shake out.

I like the fact that Kan-Ra and Sadira are still viable even though they are considered the worst.


Oh and by the way, are the left to right placings meant to represent the best and worst of that Tier of is it that they are randomly placed?

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No one is ordered after the top 5 really.

I actually remember a Sadira winning a tournament against Nicky (Fulgore) a year or two ago. Calypso, I think his name was?


Sadira used to be S Tier. She was very strong in Season 1 and despite losing some unbreakables, she became even stronger in S2. For whatever reason though, they really nerfed her hard in Season 3.

Just wait until this time next year when the tier list is something along the lines of:

SS Sharkman, ENT, Shadow Orchid
S Human Cinder, Atriox, Kelvin
A+ Wendigo, Fulgore MKIV, Shin Gargos
A (Insert everyone else here)