Thunder's Retro + Les Stroud= Tusk?

Earlier last year, Adam Isgreen said he was working on Tusk’s Backstory and said that he would be an outdoor Survival man inspired from Les Stroud but If you look at Thunders Retro, it’s somewhat similar to Les Stroud.


This also Validates my Theory that Tusk was basically Modeled after Thunder and mixed in with Conan. What are you guys thoughts on this?

FYI, my comment is more around the notion that like Les, Tusk can survive in any environment.


So what you’re saying is, Tusk will not have QCB enders to drink his own urine and restore health, or a special taunt on Maya’s stage where he eats the snake raw?


Really? I kinda liked the idea of a “Les Stroud” Uniform on him.

Thank God! I like the ominous tone of “Tusk can survive any environment” but the semi-affirmation that he’s not some random guy wearing a scarf. I want him to be descended from an ancient God from Celtic mythology, on some Tuatha De Danaan Old Irish War God status. Not some random guy that has money and uses it to live like a wild man in environment devoid of Large Predators.

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I imagine Tusk being a man who’s well isolated from modern society. Either raised in some tribe of hardy barbarians or abandoned in the wilderness as a child, Tusk is going to be an awesome character XD.

I was thinking about this the other day. Tarzan is a common trope, so it fits KI. I guess Tusk may be more Tarzan than Conan now.

Confirmed! Tusk is an old school G.I. JOE with a high tech sword. Kappa.