Thunders out there who can give their insight on flipout?

Ever since Season 1 I’ve been using Thunder as somewhat of a secondary character to Fulgore. Both characters have some great tools now, Thunders being his flipout. To most of you the flipout thing is probably really easy and straightforward but I’m used to playing zoning characters and never really getting into any type of juggling. Ik that Thunder has the potential to be scarier than ever so I’d appreciate any help or input you guys can give!

What I’m really looking for is help on:
-What moves can I use that I can then use flipout after?
-What exactly is the timing for a flipout?
-Some good followups/mixups after hitting a flipout?
-Is Skyfall ground bounce useful in any of this?

Browse through this. There is some good thunder play with people incorporating his flipout.


Nice they finally uploaded this? I was waiting to watch, thanks a lot!

Most common moves you can use to set up st.LK flipout are shadow COTE (either ender or neutral version), Sammamish ender and skyfall ground bounce. You pretty much have the same mixup options on all of them. Biggest difference with skyfall groundbounce you can actually flip them out on the way up after the bounced of the ground you dont have to wait for them to fall down again. That gives you a quicker flipout and your opponent has to react quicker.

The most basic mixups you have is: you can go for your overhead into opener, into opener, so you get a high/low mixup. On top of that you can go for a (shadow) COTE. If you use a regular COTE you should probably go for lp or mp.

If you are in instinct you can also add the option of dashing behind your opponent and go for a into opener so you can add a left/right mixup in there aswell.

You should also take blocking into your mixup options aswell. If your opponent notices that you always go for some move he will just mash his invincible reversal (if he has one)

You should go into training mode to get used to the timings, but its not that hard.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks man, between this and the new Fulgore tech people have helped me out with I’m going to be in training for a while.

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His flip out isn’t that great at high level play because it’s such a great tool, the opposition expects it. You have to pick your spots unexpectedly when using it, because the set up is so noticeable to break.