Thunder crazyness

Dp dp dp, mixed with lk, mk, hp. A giant character flying around the screen as he was Sadira (but even faster!). When Thunder got this ridiculous?

I think he’s dp is not invincible now (unless they use shadow), right? well, that’s a good one. Because he has nice normals and great mix ups potential, nice damage and scary grabs. This character is pretty annoying to fight as a rushdown. I need a very good zoning gameplan to deal with this joke, the bad part is I don’t have one, I’m not good at zoning.

I really need help with this.


You can break the follow-ups to his sammamish (such as his HK skyfall), as well as any manuals he may throw out. That said, I don’t like how he often gets a free crossup on block with H.sammamish.

Well like you said, he no longer has a wake up option outside of shadow meter. So what I do is meaty stuff him or frame trap him into tick throw until I visually notice the meter and bait his shadow DP.

Usually, once he gets going he can be tough.

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If you think DP options are crazy now, I am genuinely interested in knowing how you felt about pre-Season 3 Thunder who could cancel the landing frames of his DP into pretty much anything else. DP into command grab was a thing and it was pretty scary.

I didn’t like S3 at all, specially at the start and everything related to new characters and balances, I stopped playing online back then. I came back after the latest patches. You can imagine I wasn’t liking the game much and I still don’t know why but I when I watch EVO 2015 the nostalgia is atrong, despite not liking stuff from S2 (eg Kan Ra, overpowered characters like Wulf, even I use him, etc). But I liked the more grounded game, some aspects of the interface and general lighting, among other things. However I do believe the team is doing their best to make a good game, and still believe new people should play it more and KI should get more attention.

I only wish the game was more strict with punishes, I feel that in the new KI everything is too positive. When you play the older ones youl will get what I mean.

I agree Thunders DP tricks are just insane to deal with if you dont know what to do. I prefer to bait it out and just block high and punish. But sometime it happens so fast and you are already caught pressing a button.

Any why do some of the hardest hitting characters have so much push back on specials to keep them safe on block? Yet others have ZERO push back?

Glacius and Thunder are 2 that come to mind. Cold shoulder and Ankle slice.

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Yeap, Glacius hits pretty hard.

But why do those 2 moves have such great push back to where you cant reach to punish? Yet Omen, Wulf do same strength moves and are left right up close to be punished. Which is fine, you whiff you get punished…Glacius whiffs cold shoulder and he is so far away off block you cant reach him.

If you didn’t know , thunder is the new king of juggles!! he hurt more than any other juggles characters in the air, thats the moments when i ask to myself why do i play sadira or why imma try to learn rash? if we have someone who deal better in what he wasn’t supposed to be.

that thunder make damages on the ground ok, but in the air thats not his wurk im sorry, a little respect for aerial cast!

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Well, the landing frame thing he’s talking about actually is from S2 - and yeah, it was pretty silly also. He didn’t get crazy juggles off the follow-ups then, but he was pretty free to just kinda DP his way across the screen and make you guess whether he was going to cancel into stomp (which trades with most anti-air’s) or land and do something else.

I think cross-up stomp is pretty bunk, but my biggest issue with it is just the crazy priority in the follow-ups. They made it a special instead of a command normal to keep Spinal from getting dunked for power devouring sammamish, but it’d be really nice if it was a low-priority special like Cinder’s trailblazer. I think that’s a pretty sensible change given that yes, he’s got a fast cross-up that leads into combo, one that he can often situationally make safe with call of sky or instinct.

In all fairness cross-up divekick has always been a thing though, even in S1. The amount of follow-ups Thunder gets from it now though definitely makes it more of a live threat than before, and it can definitely be pretty annoying to deal with.

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