Thunder Combo/Ender Discussion

To my fellow Thunder players:

Lately I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to use a ton of Ankle Slicers and kick autos/manuals in my combos, very rarely touching Triplaxe.

I also use COTE ender the vast majority of the time, occasionally using Ankle Slicer if I need to pick up some Shadow Meter.

Do you find it’s better to mix up Triplaxe, punches, kicks and Ankle Slicers in combos? Does it feel like it’s easier to bait lockouts or Counter Breakers if you mix things up? I’m not an expert Thunder player, though he’s my main, and I’ve been using my current strategy mainly because it’s been simpler.

Just looking for some thoughts!

I don’t play much Thunder myself but, I will say this. It doesn’t matter what linker you are using for the most part, some linkers do have different properties, I.E. Carry, Damage, some also have variable hitstuns and allow for manuals to be easier, Ankle Slicer is his damage linker so you can run shorter combo’s with it, but the heavy version of it is really slow. His Triplax linker hits multiple times so the strength can be a bit harder to judge, and as far as enders go, his Ankle Slicer and CotE ender’s are the ones you want to do since they benefit you the most. His Sammamish ender doesn’t do a whole lot for you in terms of setup that his CotE doesn’t give you. Wall splat enders are self explanitory. So as far as linkers go, it’s what ever you are most comfortable with. However, if you are getting broken a lot on your linkers and not your doubles, change your linkers then. Otherwise, stick with what you know and what functions best for you.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I’m a 50 Thunder and I made it into Killer, but I’m really just an intermediate player. I know to get really good I need to take time in Training mode to try to learn stuff, but I’ve been kind of learning ‘by fire,’ playing offline with my wife and best friend, or online against whoever Ranked throws me against. I’ve watched some of my old clips and I’ve certainly improved, but I know there are a lot of places I can make my Thunder gameplay much better.

In particular, I used to have a ton of trouble getting more than 4-5 hit combos - I was using Heavy buttons and ending the combos right after I started them. All in all, I am definitely not the most efficient player!

Toss me a friend request, I just got into Killer myself. We can duke it out and help each other improve =) I’m working on having a pocket “entire cast.” Thunder is on my to do list but currently working on Glacius.

Gamertag is my username, spelled exactly the same way.