Thunder and Aganos fan art *BUDDY COPS!*

I have been working on this for a while now, enjoy!

Let me know what you all think :slight_smile:


I love thunder!

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I love Aganos!

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I love both Aganos and Thunder!


I love Scarlett Johansson!!

Also I like this picture xD


I :heart: those shades! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, this is awesome! Good job! XD

Looks great! Mind if I share on Twitter? What’s your handle?

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I don’t have a twitter account, but feel free to share it :slight_smile:

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Who’s the good and who’s the bad cop? o 3 o

Dunno, they both seem pretty good to me :cop:

This might be the greatest piece of fan art I’ve seen this year

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Oh my god @CStyles45 put my art on Twitter.

HashtagSenpaiNoticedMe :astonished:


Knowing their demeanor, I’d say that Thunder is the bad cop. He’s always grim and out for revenge whereas the golem is all about being humble and respectful, even to the dead.

This is brilliant. I love the custom Aganos sunglasses!

Glacius the Space Cop is super sad that he wasn’t invited to this party

LOVE the art btw :slight_smile:

Nice, very nice. I like it very much now :smile:

@KevBones10 'bout time.

Just kidding, nice to see the thread get revived.

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Glacius will be like charlie in “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” when he pretended to be Serpico. He’ll be a no nonsense cop that’ll crack down on all the corrupt lol.