THUNDER 3.8 changes. Question

I got a question cause i think we Got here someyhing really nice that did the devs about thunder

Sammamish Followups have had their trade priority adjusted.

**Dropkick trades as a Medium Attack (was Special)**

(These moves needed to count as specials so that Spinal could absorb them. He will still be able to do so, but their trade priority has been downgraded to that of typical jumping attacks. This should make them much more reliable to anti air across the entire cast.)

Does that mean, that we can now AA thunder when he spam this move? without get the hit? cause actually when you try to AA him you still get hit by this move and thats something not normal.

@rukizzel last time i tag you for this month lol, but is it correct what i think withis change?

anyway you guys made a great work on this character cause the deal is not always to nerf characters damages and the team did it right with this one. nice job

Yes, you should reliably be able to AA him now, If you can react to it fast enough that is.

OMG really??? :grinning: without also getting hit??? cause actually what happen , when thunder do that move he got all priority even if you dP you still get hit with him gettin also yo hit. so boring as move.
if its really that as change , THANK you IG

Yes. Assuming your character has a reliable enough aa you should be able to aa either that or skyfall. Some may even be able to air to air him.


So what does the “trade” part mean exactly?

If I do Down HP will it AA all 3 version of the Dropkicks regardless of their strength? Or do they have to match to “win the trade”?

The priority system is light < medium < heavy < special < shadow, with -1 priority for airborne attacks. Highest priority is a grounded shadow, lowest priority is an aerial light normal. High beats low, obviously.

Edit: note that special is one level which isn’t strength dependent, so light special = heavy special.

So a grounded heavy normal colliding with an opposing hitbox would:

  • trade with another grounded heavy normal or an aerial special (both players get hit)

  • beat grounded light and medium normals and all aerial normals (you win)

  • be stuffed by grounded specials and shadows and aerial shadows (you lose)

Now that all followups count as aerial normals, most people’s generic crouching heavy punch anti air will beat all of them in trade situations rather than getting hit like when it was a special. Anti airing with invulnerable DPs will be easier too as once the DP leaves the ground it is considered aerial and so often used to trade with the followups.