Thumbs up for a trial mode in Season 3

I know a lot of work has gone into story mode and shadows. But combo trials for each character would make myself and many others very happy.

Please have a Trials mode in season 3 for finished characters.

When it comes to online, fighting others is already a super good experience. As for offline, I still l haven’t found a really captivating mode. I only play story, survival, shadows for the xp grinding and titles. Hardly do I hear any buzz on the offline modes. But I still remember people talking about Jago trial 32. Trials is just a fun mode to have.

Anyway, I hope it hasn’t fallen off the to do list after season two. Thanks!


This sounds really good to me too

I think to make more motivation it could be an alternative to unlocking some really tough to get stuff. Like costumes or accessories.

I still think this mode would be pretty pointless given that every character follows the same manual rules. In season one when they all had variety I could get behind this but now you’d just be doing the exact same thing with every character over and over again. Only the few characters that can break the combo rules would have interesting trials (assuming IG would want to highlight the fact that certain characters can do that.)

Are you talking about the general tutorial trials?

I am talking more about Jago’s final trial. For example, I would love to do some crazy Aria combo trials where you call drones mid combo, or have Cinder’s bomb loop as a trial. I am sure there are enough character specific combos to be created.