Would love to see the throw system be more techable… the window to put some defense on a throw is really… Tiny! I know throws are coming, but it feels like unless you are pressing throw at the same time as your opponent, your getting tossed on your ■■■… Could you add a few frames to help defend it easier???

Throws are generally much (much!) easier to break offline to be honest - I was super surprised how much better my tech percentage was offline than on. Display lag can also be a big hindrance to teching well - if you’re playing on a big tv with some lag it will be quite a lot harder.

The KI tech window is 7 frames I think, which is about an “average” techable throw window for a FG. It’s not supposed to be reactable strictly on its own, but will be semi-doable if one is reacting instead to the situations in which throw is likely. What KI does have however is a very generous throw tech buffer out of blockstun. At high level, you’ll find a lot of us actually just option select the throw while we’re blocking stuff. If they throw after we come out of blockstun the throw gets teched, and if they go for additional pressure we get block instead. Try it with something super plus like Wulf’s overpower->button/throw mixup, and try it with something string based like Cinder’s third degree target combos. Both of these can help give you a feel for how you want to time the OS in different situations.