Throwing in Mid Combo

I think there should be something implemented for this. I’ve noticed this in really hard to beat players. I’d expect an opener, auto doubles, linkers, auto doubles, and ender for combos but not a throw somewhere in there. I know you can counter a throw but we need something for mid combo throws. You can’t tell when it is is gonna happen.

Well, it’s character dependent on how to really counter most of those strategies, but mid combo throws are a part of the game as much as the combo, combos breakers, etc. are too. The point about them is to be unexpected to a degree and will take a certain amount of skill to overcome and even a little bit of prediction and guessing at times.

If it’s Thunder you’re having issues with, that’s a special combo trait of his which is difficult to counter, and if you are locked out, you are also unable to tech his throw linker as well as part of lockout punishment.

If you are dealing with characters that have command throws, like Hisako or RAAM, you could try holding the UP button while being combo’d, and if you see a move you can combo break, the up command will not interfere with the breaker input. However, if they purposefully drop their combo to grab you, you will instead jump and their command grab will not connect. Most command throws have enough recovery that they are punishable off an empty jump, or at least a neutral jump kick punish into combo.

A little more info may help to give you a good idea for a solution to your problems. However, trying to implement a gameplay mechanic to prevent this is would affect gameplay drastically in some way most likely to make it more awkward and probably less fun. They’ve been in multiple fighting games and there’s nothing wrong with dropped combo throws, but you have to develop a mindset how to counter them.

If you want to be crazy like me, just forget breaking combos and input dp all the time during their combos.


Underrated strat for those characters that have DP’s :+1:t5:

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When I learned to reliably do the input, I don’t care if it is even blocked, I’m happy to do it. If you lose 17% by accident, sure, I’ll take it.

Whaaaat. Been playing since release and never even thought about this lol. Imma try this on the weekend.

Think about this. If they drop a manual, they get hit. If they go for a low/overhead, they get hit. If they reset into grab, they get hit (depends on dp). Sure, people might pick that up and decide to block, but implanting that thought alone is a win. Just don’t do it 100% of the time.

Inputting dashback mixed with the DP is also viable. That way you can punish the throw recovery.