Throw whiff?


Hi,I would like to understand this situation better in order to explain it later.

  • Tic throwing: after a normal (jab) I recover fast enough to perform a throw while my opponent hasn’t yet finished his/her block animation.

Then… What’s happening if I’m Instinct cancelling and inmediately want to throw? I know the throw Will whiff.
Also some command throw attemps with Thunder Will whiff depending on the normal and grab strength.

Can someone explain me what’s happening in a technical aspect?


you can’t throw someone when they’re in blockstun. For tick throws you are at an advantageous position so they can’t button out, but they are not in blockstun


If you instinct cancel a blocked hit, and buffer a throw (command or normal) out of the screen freeze, you’re essentially going for a throw while they’re still in block stun, like Lemon said.

From a more technical aspect, you can go into training mode and turn on hitboxes. You’ll see that you have your yellow box for the character and a blue ring that surrounds it. That’s your throw box. Throws of any type have to hit that box to connect. Hit a standing opponent with a heavy normal, or something that has a good bit of block on it. When you hit the blocking opponent, the blue ring around their character box disappears, which means they can’t be thrown at that point. This is what’s happening at a faster pace when you’re ticking with jabs and such, but the block stun is much lower.