Throw Animation Opponent Expression Bug?

So I’ve been playing cinder since season 2, and one thing I do not think a lot of people picked up on is when he throws his opponent, their facial expression stays stagnant. This is really noticeable on characters like Orchid, Thunder, TJ, and Maya. Kan-Ra looks especially awkward as he smiles his sinister grin while being punched in the face. Obliviously characters like Folgore, and Aganos don’t really have this bug since they are expressionless characters for the most part, but this only appears for season 1 and 2 characters that have full faces. Season 3 characters are just fine, all of them to be exact. I am just curious if this is a bug or a mishap by the animators? It just weirds me out every time I throw a character.

Bit Cinder is a great animated character otherwise!

I think I noticed this before a long time ago but never paid much attention to it at all. Could you possibly get a video clip of this happening?

I just tried to upload a video from my phone of what’s going on and it would not let me I’ll try and get a quick photo shot to show

Its hard without playing a full video but its pretty obvious here that character facial animations aren’t playing on cinder’s throw

Can you get one of Kan? cause I wanna see it for ■■■■■ and giggles!

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