Thoughts on white life

So obviously I won’t go into detail. And it’s nothing major. Should white life become more prominent in combo’s or decreased? Or just not touch it? It’s something I’ve been thinking about. I mean we use it for dirty reset options and more damaging combo’s and all that jazz. That and I haven’t seen much discussion for whatever reason.

I think its fine but i would like it to not start decreasing until after the opponent gets up. Right now if you use a hard knockdown for a reset they’ll lose most of the white life by the time they get up.

I don’t think HKD’s are very useful for resets. But yes otherwise. White life starts regen the moment you’re not being attacked.

I think it’s pretty prominent already in combo’s. A lot of characters get a ton out of abusing high white life situations. And I think white life regen while down is fine - if you’re doing hard knockdowns then you’ve made the decision to prioritize the next set up, and that’s the benefit that you’ll reap. If anything, I’d actually make white life regen faster, to make things like Cinder’s inferno on block less long-lasting. It takes forever and a half to regen all the white life from something like inferno->instinct cancel->shadow inferno.

But that only affects cinder though. And maybe omen if he gets off demonic despair. I’m referring to more in general not specifics cases.

And in general, I think potential damage is handled fine as is. It provides great incentive and payoff for resets, and generates interesting scramble situations.

Makes sense. It was something that I thought about the last few days. And of a particulair change to tusk’s moves where it causes no potential damage anymore. I can’t remember the reason behind the change or if there even was one.

One of the things I like about playing as Aganos, is that a lot of his attacks hit so hard, that there is very little to no white life involved - it’s just straight-uip, hard damage. When he hits you, you don’t get much back in turn. :slight_smile:

White life seems fine to me overall. Maybe you can tweak a few characters here and there, both on the “too much” and “not enough” white life front, but I wouldn’t make a game-wide change at this point.

If you get a HDK and super ambiguous dirtiness, also keeping all the white life seems pretty good. I wouldn’t make HDKs any more gross in KI than they already are.