Thoughts on the Arbiter matchup?

So while watching the stream, I couldn’t help but feel that this is gonna be a real pain for Cinder. Arbiter has some really good reaching normals that could stop Cinder from moving in with Trailblazer pretty easily. Not to mention those plasma grenades. If you get one on you, you can’t trailblaze at all for risk of getting recaptured by the explosion, and any attempt to circumvent it with a shadow Trailblazer or something could be stopped by the aforementioned long reaching normals. Since I’m pretty sure Cinder’s grenades count as projectiles, if Arbiter has shields up, he can ignore the explosion as well right? Which is certainly a problem.

These were just my observations and thoughts while watching the stream. What do the rest of you think? Is it not as bad as I expect? Worse, possibly? Lemme know!

Here’s my take on the points that you’ve made.

This is true but I think you would need some good reactions to stuff him out of the first one. Space this properly and it will be punished less.

IG made a particular goal to get close to Arbiter when you have a Plasma Grenade stuck to you so that the explosion can hit Arbiter as well. And you can always just stay back and block the explosion as well while you LET Abriter come close to you.

This is also true. But take note on how much damage a fireball does to the shield in general. One hit and the shield is either gone or almost gone. So having 2-3 bombs on him should be enough to at least hit the hit in. And you can always do the grab followup to make the bombs count.

Those are good points! I’m glad I was just not thinking it through all the way for the most part. Thanks for your thoughts!

Seems Cinder is going to have issues with aleins period, lol.

First Glacius gets better keep away tools and Arbiter seems like he’ll be troublng. I’ll say this, the only real thing I am worried about is him spamming his carbine but honestly I think that is the absolutle least of Cinder’s worries. Because sure they can use it to keep away but it will do them no good once they’re out of ammo, they’re out of ammo.

Compared to Glacius who has greater reach and can keep you at bay more easily thanks to the extra hail, AND the fact Cinder’s shadow trailblazer goes no where far enough and has the worst priority than any special move in the game, you’re gonna be able to get anywhere near as close to him as you will the Arbiter.

Also unlike the Arbiter, Glacius can icicle kick spam with his jumps and tap you out of the air, he can throw hail as much as he wants etc, Arbiter still has to wait before he can throw more grenades.

Your only best bet is to use the pyro bombs, but since Glacius can throw more hail on the screen, your chances of being out gunned here are pretty high. An unwise Arbiter player will just spam his carbine and waste all his ammo, by that time you should have at him.

So it turns out that Arbiter’s shield affects more than just Pyrobombs. It also affects the chip damage Arbiter takes, blockstrings, and combos. For example, he’ll be able to go through the pillar on Cinder’s Fired Up DP if he has his shield up. If you try to chip with Shadow Fission, most of it will go to his shield before it can really make a dent to his health. Even if it hits, he’ll be able to go straight back to blocking when it does.

From my experiences, Arbiter seems to have a pretty weak wakeup game. If you exploit that, mix it up with corner pressure, and burn his arms, you should be good to go.

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Sounds like a plan to me!

Oh and I forgot to mention that Arbiter’s shield also affects Cinder’s grab into Pyrobomb detonation. He won’t pop up like everyone else and he’ll be left in a long stun. Take advantage of that.

Not too much to add here, but I’ll confirm corner pressure is the way to victory. Usually have it pretty easy away from corner since Cinder=mobility but Arby’s nades and carbine make it difficult to pester… I really struggle until Arby is cornered.

BTW @BHswordsman09 Got most if not all of his matchup knowledge from fighting me.

In other words, everything he says is correct. XD

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Lemme try and say my thoughts on this matchup as a Cinder and Arbiter main. Although I have only played this matchup from Arby’s side thus far.

So if Arbiter’s sword is called the “Prophet’s Bane,” then trailblazer should be called the “Arbiter’s Bane.” Arbiter is AWFUL at handling cross-ups because his best AAs are slow and both his reversals don’t hit behind him. Unlike most dashing specials, sword lunge is beaten easily by straight trailblazer, so approaching Cinder can be a bit of an ordeal.

When it comes to Cinder getting zoned out, his biggest fear is the plasma grenade because it keeps him from dancing around in the air. Carbine isn’t as bad for him as you may think because it’s not that fast to start up and his aerial mobility helps to avoid it.

Really, I feel Cinder’s biggest weakness in this matchup is when Arbiter has meter/shields and you are trying to keep him away. When Arby has shields, he doesn’t care at all about pyrobombs or inferno. If he has shadow meter you also need to watch out for his shadow teleport grab because it also ignores projectiles and can catch you on landing, and it allows him to start his pressure. I didn’t test this in the matchup, but I don’t think shadow fission is a good idea against him either because without the hitstun due to shields I could probably just knee you in the face and start a combo. Parry in instinct can also make it risky to use third degree since if he parries correctly you can’t cancel out of it.

Again, as the Cinder player, Arby’s meter is the thing you should fear. If he doesn’t have meter, feel free to set up pyrobombs, trailblazer around and get in his face. If he does have meter, up close is where you want to be at all times.

That’s my advice. Sorry for the wall of text :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: