Thoughts on Random Stance Switching?

Anything that involves randomness is going to be divisive in a Fighting game, and I was wondering how people feel about this mechanic for Eyedol.

I’m skeptical, but I think it could work as long as we’re guaranteed a decent amount of time in each Stance before the chance of switching becomes significant. At the very least I think they’re going for something interesting and sensible by forcing players to spend time in each Stance.

With pretty having the tools to be the best rush down and the best zoner, being able to switch on command would be OP.

I see the random switching the be a bit of a balance choice as anything could happen and the user has to quickly adapt to the situation.

I think it’s ok, but it would be cool if there was some kind of bar/icon/gauge that slowly depletes or changes so the Eyedol player has some idea when the change is about to happen.

Having Eyedol be able to switch on command would make him too dangerous. The random switching definitely keeps him in check. Considering how good each of his stances are, I doubt he will be considered a low tier character.

Who knows how the randomness will affect Eyedol’s placing. After all, randomness didn’t stop Omen from being one of the better characters.


I kind of like it, this will ensure that I HAVE to be good with BOTH stances instead of just relying on one moveset over the other.

I completely agree, You either become a master of both, or a master of none.

It’s fine, fighting games are inherently probabilistic, and if you were clamoring for Eyedol before then you’ll take what’s on offer and be happy with it.

Randomness is bad design. Is it necessary as he currently is? Perhaps, but if that’s the case, design him differently. Make no mistake, he still looks great and I’m excited, but in no way is randomness a good thing.

As long as both stances have ways to confirm off eachothers specials then i don’t see it being too much of a problem.

there was a combo in the eyedol breakdown where he did just that it was cool looking to see the stance change mid combo

There is nothing wrong with people questioning what seems to them to be a bad idea on a forum whose purpose is constructive criticism and feedback. If the devs make a thing, and it is recieved poorly, knowing about it gives them a chance to adjust things before the issue causes major backlash. I mean that’s kind of like going into a resturant, being served a meal, having the chef come out and ask you if you are satisified and what you think would make the meal better, and your buddy leaning over to you and telling you to stop b****ing and eat your damn soup.

That being said, personally I really don’t see the random switching to be an issue yet, because frankly I haven’t played him yet. After I get a few dozen losses from random switching happening at the absolute worst time, we’ll see…

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It will definitely make him frustrating to play, that’s for sure.

Is it a balanced mechanic? I guess it all depends on how good the individual stances end up being.

I honestly think a character like Glacius will beat Eyedol pretty easily. Why? Because here’s how the match is gonna go:

-Eyedol gets berserker, pressures Glacius
-Eyedol randomly switches to mage
-Glacius starts pressuring Eyedol
-Eyedol finally gets away
-Eyedol tries to zone out Glacius
-Glacius liquidizes under everything
-Eyedol switches to berserker while he’s full screen
-Free zoning for Glacius
-Eyedol gets in
-Rinse and repeat

Make good use of your pressure, cause you Eyedol players don’t want this to happen often.

Somewhere in there Eyedol will pop instinct and bring the pain though, that will give Eyedol the upper hand.

You have to remember that the more he attacks, the more likely he is to switch. Furthermore, you can punch yourself to make it happen, potentially up to 4x at worst (so it can happen anywhere in between too; 1 - 3 as well and will always happen on 4 if not before then).

My two cents is that he seems more interesting to fight against than to fight as. Course, that feeling could disappear after hes released.

i do wonder how liquidize fares against that ground lightning though, now that you mention it…

It is invulnerable to projectiles from startup until he begins to rise. So dodging lighting shouldn’t be too hard.

While he switched sometimes in training, he didn’t seem to switch frequently in the pickup matches that I saw. I don’t think it will happen more than once per match accidentally, unless I missed something.

Either way it doesn’t matter…as soon as a big name looses in a tournament either while using him due to the random switch or looses against Eyeodl period… someone is gonna be crying OP!!! Broken!!! NERF!!!.. its coming…brace yourselves!

EYEDOL will be the new whipping boy for complainers and sore loosers for the next 6 months!
As soon as all the EVO participants get home and settled…the Gargos and his minions are to OP is coming. Ill give it till Wednesday before the first minions are OP thread pops up.

But no doubt they had to add the randomness to basically NERF Eyedol down a bit… other wise 2 characters in one is just too strong. I bet punching yourself in the face to change has a lot of recovery and is very unsafe as well.

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Never a fan of random chance mechanics in fighting games, but at least you can punch yourself to get the switch a little more reliably (max of 4 hits). I wish they had a minimum of 4 specials before you get a random switch though.

However I do apreciate that they want people to not just play 1 stance all the time so they force the switch on them.

Omen has random fireballs, being some of them HORRIBLE, because if he could control them, it would be very OP. IMO he is already one of the best characters of the game in terms of gameplay, being very(if not the most) dominant in the corner

Eyedol has random stances, with one of the best rushdown and one of the best zoning. He even has a teleport(yay!) and a run(yay!) in each of them to get fast in the enemy’s face or getting space between them. Also he can force his stance switch during a ground bounce/wall splat ender.

I like it and I give it my approval. Eager to test him!