Thoughts from a new PC player

I really don’t know if this post will even matter to anyone, I’ve been hesitant to even post about it due to being flamed and trolled like most game forums seem to do, but this is a game that I really do enjoy. So I wanted to at least post my thoughts on the game.

The game-play is just amazing, I love every bit of it, I have always watched the game, and was very happy to get it on PC. I don’t have a lot of experience with fighting games, and I’m hooked on this one. Arbiter is a lot of fun, SOME players are respectful, and did help me a lot when it comes to learning the game. I caps some due to the fact that there are players that want to stroke their experience and do the longest of ultras in their entire life, mainly shadow jago players. Seems they are the type that are very toxic.

Now, ranked is what I feel needs a TON of work… I understand that people are saying, “give it a few weeks or a month.” But what I have noticed is VERY bad for new players. I have well over 100 games played in ranked, I’d say 90% of those games played, have been against max account, max character level players that just stomp me. I can understand every now and then, but wow, it is bad. I even went to streams of high level players, and they got to rank up with ease, because it seemed like it was the opposite stat when it comes to my ranked experience. 90% of their opponents were very low account level new players.

Take what I say as you wish, but I feel like that full on reset was a mistake, and scares off a lot of new players. I myself love the game, but it is frustrating that I cant fight anyone that is ACTUALLY on my skill level.

Thanks for your time if you bothered to read this.
(EDIT): Is there anyone I can message to report a bug in ranked for PC players to possibly get free wins? Id rather not post it here, though it seems easy to accidentally do. (Tested it 3 times)

Hey, welcome to the forums. A few points:

  • Account/character level are basically meaningless, there are people on these forums who have max-leveled every character without ever bothering to actually get good at the game.
  • Players available to you in matchmaking could depend on a number of factors including day/time and, most notably, region you live in. I’m not sure how they divide up regions, but I don’t think an American player is going to get matched with an Australian player.
  • In part it could be the old “why does everyone at the gym when I’m there look buff?” paradox: because they often spend disproportionately excessive amounts of time grinding ranked, people who are good at the game are more likely to be over-represented in the available player base, which means you’ll be matched with them more often.
  • As I think you’ve noticed, many killers are yet to climb out of Bronze, which means the process of people spreading out is currently kinda slow as people don’t get their “proper” dues for beating good players. It seems kinda necessary, though: if people can rank up quickly in a system that prevents downranking to some extent, then you run the risk of too many people winding up at the top, which seems a bit like what happened previously.
  • Maybe try messaging @rukizzel if you really want to report a bug in private.

I can pretty much echo everything @Fnrslvr said. Players will accumulate player and character XP over time no matter what mode they’re playing, and it’s possible to max out everything but never play against another player. You just need ot look at character and player levels as a general indicator of how much time the person has spent with the game.

I understand where you’re coming from regarding the reset, but it’s no different than the release of a brand new game, other than the player/character levels. There are a lot of new players, but before the reset there were somewhere around 5-6000 people in Killer playing Ranked consistently every month. That doesn’t include the other tiers, or people who were in Killer but not active. Given time the Killer players will rank out of the lower tiers and you will find more even matchups.

If you’re extremely concerned, still, I’d recommend spending some time in Exhibition. You can set the Rank range for the players you will play against, which won’t fully remove your chances of finding an unranked Killer, but it will help.Another option would be to assemble some forum members who are also new to the game (you might want to make a thread for that) and play together in Exhibition.

Hi @eXlunar, welcome to KI and to the forums :smiley: Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game!

As a Shago alt, I am totally ashamed at average Shago behavior. I fought an OBNOXIOUS Shago last night as Hisako that actually coaxed a full Ultra and taunt out of me… and I never, ever do that. Please accept my apologies on their behalf. Shameful.

My suggestion would be to rock some Exhibition matches for a while before hopping into Ranked. I honestly think my first foray into Ranked was premature - and I feel that FT3’s/FT5’s really help beginners get familiar with the game and its patterns and what it means to make reads in KI. Ranked is a brutal place right now - there are some true Killers in Bronze, Silver and Gold ranks - so Exhibition could be a great leg-up for a beginner to get their feet wet with the near-frenetic environment that is KI neutral.

Feel free to ask questions and share replays, I’m sure you’ll find some useful contributions here :smiley:

Awesome you are enjoying the game.

I will say the negatives usually outshine the positives as such it feel like 90% of the time you’re fighting high skill players and 90% of the time they are stomping on new players. But you do realize that logically speaking that doesn’t make sense they player pool can’t possibly be divided in such a way and the devs certainly do not have an algorithm in place that has a bias towards matching good players versus bad players. I think what you’re seeing is that you’re very new to this game and their is a large population of returning players that you’re getting pitted up against, because these players have experience of course they will have an advantage over you. In regards to the streamers, the most popular streamers are in the upper echelon they win against most players aside from their peers, but I do think it’s important to differentiate them because they likely are beating the same players who are beating you.

As for taunts and ultras, you just gotta shake it off and not take it personally. It’s really not that much more time, take the time to grab a drink or something else. Don’t let them tilt you, usually frustration will just result in you playing worse.

As a side note to defend you shago players, I must concede up until season 3 I never taunted unless provoked. But I play Rash now and holy crap I can’t not taunt (yes I know this is a double negative, you get my point). The hip thrusts are just too good and they’ve yet to grow old on me. So if I taunt you, just know it’s absolutely not personal or spiteful.

Rash players get a pass on taunts - how could you NOT do that? hehe

I want to play Rash JUST SO I can taunt between rounds. Lol! I can’t get enough of it! I also love Sabrewulf’s taunt, so I do that some times…oh, and Tusk’s Conan taunt is awesome.

I’m not a huge taunter, but some times you’ve just got to feel yourself…nah mean?

Thanks all for the great responses, I understand that not all Jago players are the same hahah, its just annoying that its mostly them, of the shadow variety. I completely forgot to mention that i have been playing exhibition a lot, and ran into some amazing players willing to help me practice and learn the game more. To call one out specifically, C88 Zeromancer, we played 20+ games and he was very nice about it, learned a lot playing him. If anyone would like to add me and play every now and then (Learning Arbiter) feel free to add.

Reading all the comments about the ranked system is all fine for me, playing vs experienced for me can be frustrating, but I also learn, but not many take it that way. Ranked play earns you that “im cool” tag on your name, so players will go to it, probably have a bad experience, and MAYBE drop the game. I hope it wont be like that.

As for the huge bug i found last night, ill try to report it to one of the CM’s here in private, I am hoping it was just a thing that was happening last night.

Thanks again everyone!

Add me for newb games, I’m brand new. Ntropicbydesign

Can someone explain to me why there is a compulsive need to play ranked mode in games when people have barely had the game? This isn’t just a fighting game issue, but all games. The idea of rankings is to give a rough idea of skill level/amount of time put into the game or character is it not? So why would you want to play ranked for a game you have played for a week while a slew of people have had it for two plus years?

I understand the frustration of losing to players that probably were killers before, but honestly the reset wouldn’t change the fact you couldn’t get out of bronze or silver right now probably. I just don’t see the fun in playing one and done matches where you would expect to lose and not really learn anything. To each their own I suppose.

Glad you aren’t being frustrated away though. I also sympathize with new players facing shago, because his stuff is really annoying to deal with when trying to learn the game.

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It’s likely you fought max characters because technically you are fighting folks who have been with the game, likely since season1. (I’m one of those of but that’s not the point) This doesn’t mean they are all good players or anything.

First thing I’d do is disregard the rank. Let the actions of the player dictate their skill. Just saying dude, don’t let the rank and character level intimidate you.

I think Rank has gotten something odd about it but my main issue is the lag.

Don’t fret though freind. You’ll get better and better as you go along and practice and stuff. This community is freindlier than most game forums, while we do have our moments. you should check yourself in the character forums and get some advice. Those willing to share their tech can drop some helpful info to you.

Also I don’t see why anyone would flame you. Cause unlike some people your thoughts actually have some reasonable substance to them.

Pretty much this.

Sometimes I think there are 2 different “Ranked” modes out there in people’s minds, where Ranked is looked at as a serious mode for gauging skill, but also looked at as a mode strictly for fun. Sure those 2 things are mutually exclusive, but if you are type that just wants to have fun, then there are other modes that might tickle your fancy a bit more.

the way I look at Ranked is as a more serious mode…not that I take the rank itself seriously, more so that when I play ranked, I play seriously, thus I can gauge my own skill against the community. I don’t play ranked really until I’m comfortable with my character, as when I’m trying to learn a character then I’m going to play in one of the other various modes. Sure there is plenty of “fun” to be had just playing ranked randomly, but if you are the type to get salty about your rank, then you may be in the wrong mode.

Currently I’m exclusively playing Tusk in ranked to varying results. I’ve not made it out of Bronze yet, but I’m at a 48% win/loss record. Ehh…not where I want to be, but it is somewhere to work from. IMO this is what Ranked is for: to gauge your own skill. If you are looking to just mess around and have fun, play in a Lobby, or play in Exhibition mode, or play in the Shadow Lab. There are so many other ways to play in KI other than in the Ranked mode with all the Killers.

I think there is a compulsive need because it is often where you find regular games. There are distractions like story mode and survival and so on… but the bulk of all of these games are lobbies and ranked. And many (most?) people do both.

It makes sense if for no other reason than FG communities tend to be small (less pronounced with KI maybe due to xplatform). You go where the people are.

I think the “killer’s climbing rank” argument is a bit overstated. In my experience, you lose almost nothing for losing, and a 50/50 win/lose ratio will generally see you climb ranks not drop them. That doesn’t stop it from being completely annoying. You don’t learn anything from those games. It is a waste of both my and their time. I get my backside paddled, and they get a few free points. The world goes on… whatever.

It can be even more pronounced when a series of unfortunate circumstances sees you on the receiving end of multiple matches of the “killers climbing ranks”. You could easily tank a few hundred points through no real fault of your own except trying to climb ranks during a rank reset. Or worse, you get outclassed during your promotion match and end up having to redo 3 or so fights just to get another shot and hope to all that is holy that you don’t end up against another person who is on their way to killer.

Foresight would have had the rank reset happen a few weeks before the PC launch… but that ship has sailed. Complaining about it is useless. I figured I’d just add my two cents. I’m not an amazing player, but I’m not a terrible FG player either. I hit gold yesterday (at character level 40/player level 20). But it is entirely possible to be decent enough to get out of bronze and silver and still get super annoyed every time you end up in a match vs someone who should be far higher up the ranks.

Since everyone was put back to qualifier, this ranked launch was harder than ever. Specially for new players. + it’s a fighting game with a near 2 year established scene. So if you’re a newcomer, I wouldn’t have jumped straight into ranked. You will get tossed around. It’s easier to hit up exhibition, or lobbies, and try to get some help first. That is a lot easier to find now than it was when I started. I had to teach myself from the ground up watching tournaments and past videos on things so I could see how things worked. Now there is the dojo, a large forum populous, and plenty of character specialists to learn from.

It isn’t easier though. I picked up Wulf yesterday and decided to try it your way.

My experience was a stupidly slow exhibition queue and a lobby which funnily enough paired me up with a much better player.

I am better off (and this is the route I’m going once my Omen hits 50) just resetting my ranked standings, and re-climbing.

i think the assumption with ranked is that, it should put you with similar skill levels automatically. I’m new and always skittish about playing online, assuming I’ll get stomped, but I actually never go for exhibition or whatever it’s called. Of all places I assumed THAT would be the place where Killers just beat up on newbies (didn’t know about limiting the opponent rank range). But in Ranked, I assume that if I have a low rank then I should be safely paried up with other low ranks.

I did wait a few weeks to try out ranked, so nowadays in my experience Bronze is actually filled with… Bronze skill. Then again, bronze skill still means doing full combos that take up over 40% health on a regular basis, it’s just not that hard to do and Dojo mode is great at teaching. It could be that the perception of what’s high skill at this game and what’s very low skill at this game is different. If by truly low skill one means jumping around and barely getting off a combo under 6 hits then or put another way LITERALLY button mashing… then yeah no I haven’t seen any literal button mashers in ranked.

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I got it on day one of the PC launch, and while there were some tough matches, it was still mostly equal skill (I climbed to silver quite fast actually). I think you just remember the bad ones. I remember a glacius that was so much better than me, my goal turned from “try to win” to “don’t let him get a double perfect”… which he didn’t so yay!

I’d definitely spend the lab to work on good combos though. I got up to gold and my around the world that took me so far is now being broken about 100% of the time. I basically coasted on the crappiness of other players, and I’m paying for it.

As a “fighting game tourist”, I expect a lot from clubs, which were announced at E3. Finding other people, so we can suck together. :slight_smile: I rather be in a small community, than the untamed lands of Ranked Matchmaking.
(also yes, I was slapped like a naughty boy in Garou: Mark of the Wolf on 360)

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