Thought I'd share

Well here’s a much more menacing looking riptor:

The road not taken…

Anyway, KI everyone!


i hope somebody dig into the KI files ASAP so we can have mods for PC.

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I disagree. Tail is too short and is going to be useless in battle. It doesn’t even have the range to be useful.

She’s to emaciated she looks sickly and weak compared to the current Riptor and way waaayyy weaker than the original Riptor. Only thing really great about this design is that she retains the snake like features in some way,

But compared to the modern Riptor this isn’t as viscous IMO

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Her face in this design is more viscous and her tail could be made as long as it is in her current design. She doesn’t have to be roided out either.

I’m not saying Riptor has to super muscular or anyting either. But this look is waay to scrawny. She looks REALLY unhealthy in this image. I wouldn’t even bother deploying her into any missions if I was ARIA hell I’d not even trust her ability to fight for long.

Also her claws look like nubby nails and are not hook like or very long, save for her feet but everything just lacks ferocity.

Her face is the only redeeming factor in this image, otherwise this thing is better suited as a demon minion in some other game. Not the kind of design I’d of had in mind for Riptor. The modern Riptor isn’t perfect but hey, at least the defailt doesn’t look like an over sized chicken.

To be honest that look doesn’t say Riptor to me. Just alot of things wrong with it.

Everyone has their own interpolation of the character,

Heck I made one of Riptor like this one. Of course at the time I didn’t anticipate the way Riptor was portrayed and designed. I was trying to convey a monster that was out of control. I’m still prowd of these though.


This looks more vicious than the OP image.