Those days where nothing goes right

I’m sure we all have those. For me it feels like it has been the whole weekend. I keep getting wrecked. Dropping manuals, missing combo breakers, everything just going badly.

And today someone who has been playing for all of 3 weeks destroyed me. Maybe she plays hours and hours a day and I only have time for an hour here or there. But damn, not a good day.

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Yup, those days…when it doubt…daydream it out.

It’s all good dude, we all have those days sometimes. I usually just don’t play when I am having one of those because I start to get extremely frustrated, which makes me play even worse, then I get more frustrated lol

Yeah, I just had to walk away. I’ll give the game a break for a few days and hit the dojo.

Of course, it didn’t help that that last player messaged me after a double-ultra asking, “What happened to the Master?” which is my gold rank.


I can feel it in my hands whether or not I’m going to play well, mediocre or bad right when I sit down. My hands are always right. If my hands are stiff, then it takes me about an hour and a couple of cringe inducing matches to get everything flowing. Then I’ll play against good players, but before that I’ll back out of lobbies to save myself the trouble. It’s especially annoying when I’m cold and I get owned and the person teabag/ leaves after one round thinking that I’m a scrub. Normally if they stick around, things change. Oh well. Just my experience.

Don’t feel bad - I’ve been feeling the same way all weekend, and as a result, I’ve been binge-watching videos, TV, and movies on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Sling TV, and Amazon. :open_mouth: :tv:

I’m winning tonight. But, I don’t know how. Playing like trash!! What is this? I’m lost. Like, button mashing lost. Horrible.

One thing I will say about having days where you play badly: this game is very heavy on muscle memory, and as your brain figures out it needs better & better neural connections to handle the input demands it literaly rewires itself, neurons making new connections and firing signals down those new pathways.
Anyway, my point is learning how to play is similar to working out…you can do a whole bunch all at once, but even your brain cells need to rest, eat, repair, etc. So if you’re fatuiged from playing and can’t seem to progress… stop, take a break, get some sleep, and give your brain and body time to figure things out.

I remember the first time I ever played Street Fighter 2 I could not do a DP to save my life…the game was just a 3 day rental (SNES version), so I didn’t have a lot of time with the game. Later that summer my brother’s friend let us borrow his copy, and all of a sudden I was throwing DPs like I had always known how to. So yeah, step away, take a break, you’ll be better next time you play.

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Solution, play Overwatch, when nothing goes right there like multiple turret dudes and some bastions, go back to KI.

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I had a rough couple of sets this weekend. I lost a few games when I counter broke a few frames after my opponent tried to break me. It happened just quick enough before I could respond. I know we all do it to each other, but goddamn, it seemed like it was happening an awful lot to me. I hope my mic was muted because I think I actually said something along the lines of, “If you are going to make a mistake, could you at least do it when you are supposed to?”

Ugh, all the dropped combos.

Today I hopped into ranked and had three scary matches against a Thunder, Hisako, and Jago. In all three I made very bad, bad mistakes early on. Yet somehow – SOMEHOW – I brought it back and won them. I think I actually apologized for stealing the matches because there is no way I should have taken them.