Thor Ragnarok trailer

Not really a thor fan, but I’m sure the ones that are happy at least.


This may be the best Marvel trailer they’ve done, IMO. Was not interested in this at all. Now I’m totally in for day-one.


Although I like the trailer, it’s impossible to not see the “Guardians of the Galaxy” style here, which for one side is good because GotG it’s awesome, but for another, seems less “Asgardian” friendly to me, so the films could seem less unique

Having Hulk as gladiator means this is somewhat inspired in Planet Hulk

Speaking of which, Caeira spotted?

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Did I see Jeff Goldblum in there among the chaos theory ?


Who is this Tusk ripoff?


I agree with @TempusChaoti , it took it’s que from guardians and ran with it 80s style from the music to the look, even down to the name style.

Looks awesome. The planet hulk story is in the there a bit and Thor finally wears something that looks like his helmet.

To me it looks like they took a bit of inspiration from He-man artwork from the 80’s…maybe 90’s as well?? That’s is when He-man started his space adventures.

Like the content of the trailer, but not a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy happy/fun musical vibe. I like humor in my Marvel movies (in fact, it’s a big part of why I think they’re superior overall to their DC equivalents), but I feel like the story of Ragnarok, the death of the Asgardian gods, deserves something a bit more somber and epic for the trailer.

It is possible that we may see a darker tone to things in the next couple of trailers, we will just have to wait and see. I mean the movie has hulk, doctor strange, and loki with odin missing, I feel the same I would not like to have a GOTG feel to a fairly dark story line, I mean, come on mjolnir gets shattered! :sob:

While I would agree, that was the tone of the first couple of Thor movies and this was a pleasant surprise for the trailer. Maybe the movie itself is more somber but I liked this more fun approach to the first reveal.

Not bad, not bad at all. Looks really neat and cool too I must say :slight_smile: