This Website needs a complete Overhaul

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Iam sorry if i sound a bit harsh but this Website does no justice to the brilliant Game K.I. Iam not here to offend anyone but please take look at Websites these days.

The Overall design is so,… strange and to be really honest just bad. I was really suprised when i first entered the site that i had a hard time to believe this is the official Site and Forum.

I think that a sleak and clean design wouldnt hurt. So this is just an example on how it might be beneficial for the community. I know, its a bit gimmicky and its by no means the pinacle of Website desing, but the overall structure and menu placement is kinda nice:

Please get something like a VBulletin Forum, this one feels like 2002 and a bit cheap. :slight_smile:

I feel this is good enough, simple and efficient.

I can’t explain a good reason why but I find it visually confusing for the news blogs. Home page at least, no problem how the forum look.

When I first joined I thought it was kind of odd too, but now I actually prefer it over other forums I frequent (TYM, MKO, Orojackson etc.) I love how easy and simple it is to navigate and use

Ive always avoided forums because they are too un interesting, hard to comprehend at first glance, and generally complicated to use.

But these forums you can easily navigate in the first 5 minutes on the site. No clutter, no complex actions, and a simple look.

This is the only forum site i use.

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There are some design choices that hurt my eyes like the transparent titles at the top of the webpage as I scroll through reading. Other than that, the color is good. I can read and it doesn’t look dull. On the mobile site it looks the same from season 2 so I think they should update the mobile site a little as well.

This site already did get a complete overhaul.


Functionality is better than fashionability.

I’ll admit, I really liked how the old forums looked. But these forums are perfectly fine how they are, they work as intended and don’t load as slow as the old ones.

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