This post is for developers (Yet another driver question)

When Mad Catz (killer instinct) xbox one drivers comes to PC ?
This starts to be ridicilous, no one answers for questions and no gamepad drivers for a game.
Should there be a bit more priority for controller drivers ? It’s the thing what we usually use to control games.

barkin up the wrong tree, that’s a Windows 10 issue handled through MS, IG has never had anything to do with it.

They should throw MS under the bus in their in-game news thing tho, I can see how it’s confusing

Windows 10 updated today and still no drivers for xbox1 fightsticks. Ridiculous.

It’s Mad Catz’es job to produce the drivers. Most probably MS is involved because they need to provide licensing and/or consulting for the XInput API.

It’s not an issue with either KI or Windows 10 since there are controllers that work out of the box (Hori RAP V Kai). MS is probably working with Mad Catz to have the drivers as soon as possible but it’s up to Mad Catz.

No its not. Razer fightsticks have the same problem.
Its just MS side.
Hori RAP is a PS4 fightstick. Correct me if im wrong. Ps4 fightsticks works fine but xbox1…

No, it’s a very well known issue that no xbox 1 controllers work with Windows 10, after MS broke functionality in early March. The Hori RAP V Kai works because it can switch back to xbox 360 mode. I should know since I own one.

Hori RAP V Kai is a Xbox One/360 stick.

I do too and I know it works because of the 360 mode. I didn’t knew Xbox One controllers weren’t working, is it also true for THE Xbox One controller or just third party controllers compatible with Xbox One? If it’s the first then I now understand why people are raging and why it’s on MS side. My bad.

no type of xbox 1 controller works on Win10. 2 months and counting. I’m glad I dodged a bullet personally but it’s fairly asinine of them to keep this at the bottom of the priority list. I can’t see how it takes two months to figure this out.

I actually asked MadCatz about this on Twitter, and they responded “drivers are done by Xbox.” Which I think is insane - they should be involved. If they are going to make peripherals it’s in their interest to make sure they are actually supported by the platform. But no one seems to want to take responsibility for making the hardware work with the game…

Mad Ratz said at facebook private message that TE 2 Xbox 1 works on Win 10, It was my buying decision for TE2.
When controller arrived, It didn’t work on Win 10, then I asked does they have custom drivers for windows 10, since I dont get it working… Now they have blocked me from facebook. Cant send message for them :D, I’m sorry for whining here but I’m sad with this situation and Its my favorite game.

I’ve done my own tests with the controller and the stick since I own both.

Controller works like you expect it too.

Stick works, however, two of the buttons don’t function (bumpers, I believe). So a simple switch is changing the wiring to enable three punches and three kicks, simply changing your controller scheme, and then unassigning the two buttons, and you’re all set.

Once upon a time everything did work, MS broke it a few weeks before KI release, so it could have just been a timing issue with what they told you

That’s not exactly true…

In any case, @FallingCrayon59 I have to admit I haven’t been super pleased with MadCatz. I order a stick to ship on launch day 2013, and they didn’t bother to send it to me (despite the fact that I ordered it months before launch and it was confirmed to ship day one) until a month later. Meanwhile they managed to send plenty of sticks to retailers where a lucky few could just walk in and buy one. If you are going to sell direct to people, you can’t ■■■■■ them over while you sell to retailers. Coupled with the driver issue, I wouldn’t say they have earned my customer loyalty and I currently have 6 fightsticks in my house…

EDIT: @FinchoMatic I’m not sure that this is true for everyone. I won’t be home until late tonight but I will test this again. I know that my stick did not work in the past, on Windows 7 or 10.

If you roll back yiur drivers to the very orignal xbox one stifks work with rewiring two buttons

Not a bad thing to deal with

But it is odd my xbox one stick works better on pc when i put it in ps4 modded since i got dual moded