This MU is hard

I can’t see through his gimmicks/mixups. His throw game is probably one of the most scary when he has skulls. His normals may not be the fastest but they have great range. His run combined with cancels are lethal,his air to air etc is also good, nice damage, etc…

Where can I punish him??
I know I shouldn’t be touching anything after medium skull projectile,and I feel I can challenge when he runs at me in certain situations. But when I’m meter starving (when he curse you) as Wulf it can be hard too. Anyway, it doesn’t look difficult to evade Wulf’s shadows (for Spinal) teleport and he is out. But no Instinct at all doesn’t help.

What should I look for? It’s giving me a lot of trouble for a MU that supposedly goes in Wulf’s favor -___-

Shield bash is negative, as is soul sword so u can try to jab out when he does those. If you keep blocking he will inevitably try to run up grab you so be ready to tech when u see him run cancel something like st Hp. Spinals with questionable footsies will often slide check you so just be aware its super punishable. Their are setups out there for the teleport shenanigans however if u play wolf as ur portrait suggest you should be able to eclipse many of his teleport things. If spinal has a bunch of skulls 2 bars of meter and your cursed and in the corner your just gonna have to guess for about 15 secs like the rest of us dude. The key is to try and prevent him form getting to that position.

Use Sadira. :wink:


but wait a minute, that’s your answer to every matchup :wink:


I can’t betray my forever main…

You see:

In 1994 when I saw KI for the first time I was totally into Sabrewulf, I was sure that was the character I was going to use (first time I’ve ever used a charge character and I was totally fine with it!).
But then a guy used Fulgore and I was "Nooo! can’t believe it! It’s Terminator + Predator, incredibly COOL!!". I started using Fulgore and left Wulf aside.

It didn’t last much. A guy much older than me who was also Fulgore main beat me with Sabrewulf (because he also main the Wulf too!). I felt bad because somehow I betrayed my beloved character just for the looks of other. I came back to using Wulf and I challenged him. I beat him, and …He wouldn’t play KI again :broken_heart:
I still remember his face. I was so happy! I’ve beaten the guy that showed me some KI tips and then he wouldn’t go to the arcades to play ever again, lol. That’s not what I wanted though, I just thought he would be happy that I improved.

Today I realized 20 year old guys don’t love getting beaten by 11 year old girls. (in 2003 I experienced something similar, but this time I was the one that lost to a kid, lol. He was very good indeed! trained by a great player or that I’ve heard).
I still believe I was an average KI 1 and 2 player. The difference is I had very good reactions and really enjoyed the challenge even if I get really nervous. Ok, maybe I was just a little above the average in my city.

HUSH, you’ve blown my cover!!! :smiley:


I was a Sabre main back in 94 and when the new KI came out I purchased an Xbox One Day One Edition just so I could play him. I was actually part of the original Wolf Pack along with CtlAltDenied, NHLEplayer, DrDogg, Tony at Home, and Vengeance…

Then Max did a week of Sadira… and I was tempted… I’m sorry to say, I cheated behind my pack brothers backs… first it was little stuff, like a double jump here and there… A kunai every so often. However before I knew it, I was jump cancelling manuals, web traps, and studying the likes of CDjr.

I’m sad to say, I betrayed my Pack brothers, and joined Web Nation. :smiley:


It was meant to be. I don’t know if we chose characters or they choose us. At least in my case is like that. Cheers! :smiley:

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a characters its a like a hided side of you" the side that you wil be if you has the choice to be. this character represent also your own interior personality en all good and bad sides from your personality…

as a sabrewulf player i see you like a very patient person tryin to get close from his opponent then when close its the killeranimal instinct who do the rest :sunglasses:

Me as a Aria /sadira player In one word " I believe i can fly " lol lol :joy: i know if so , then better learn gargos but i dont like male characters, the wulf has been my prefered one as male gende, even if i don’t play him but i seelp on itsflashxx streams alots since he’s the wulf in person :dog2: i feels so bad when he get nerfed by degins S3, then after the buffs itsflashxxx shows us that hes perfect right now.
i wish i could play also wulf: :heart_eyes: :sob:,
but i almost got 4 characters in my team and thats difficult enought like that.
Long life to teh wulfs players :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

bro if you got time lets enjoy the MU wuls sadira please i like it baaaaaaddd. even if its in wulf favor, i just like the way we" as sadira players" should use our brain to tryin to escape wulf pressure lol :smirk: then you got my hart beating like crazy.

whats yo GT ? i wil add you as friend i really need a wulf friend lol

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Lol, you are funny! :joy::joy:

I think I’m more anxious than patient hahaha, but in this game you need to go back to the classic first KI Wulf for moments (the charged one) and aproach with caution (some characters will 100% punish you when you run from a far distance)
You know this Wulf can be played very rushdown, but you can also take your time to think a bit on what you are going to do . I like that

I like Wulf not only because he is a strong being (as a little girl when I picked the werewolf I loved the idea of people being afraid of my character since they would never be much afraid of myself :rofl:).

I also feel Sabrewulf is a good person dealing with a lot of stuff, I usually like monsters because you have to look beyond their external aspect. They may be “not monsters at all”, and they struggle with that label because that’s how society perceive them.

Also, his fighting style appealed to me. His normals were always decent and special moves stand for what he is: an amazing werewolf!. He doesn’t rely on strange tricks to fight. It is what you see and that’s it.

And the most important: I play with him because I have lots of fun! :heart:

whats yo GT ? i wil add you as friend i really need a wulf friend lol

Aren’t you Shaolin FX??? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I think we never fought but I saw you fighting my boyfriend once, probably his connection will do better (I know you are very far). By the end of this week and the next I’ll be at his place. We should give it a shot and play sets =D

Add me, my GT is Maru MDQ.

bro if you got time lets enjoy the MU wuls sadira please i like it baaaaaaddd. even if its in wulf favor, i just like the way we" as sadira players" should use our brain to tryin to escape wulf pressure lol :smirk: then you got my hart beating like crazy.

PS: I don’t think I’m the best Wulf to fight Sadiras, lol, her jumping kind of drives me mad :tired_face::scream: But we can try anyway :grin:

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If you want we can have some Spinal matches. I like using him and can play him well. I play really defensive however and I don’t think that’s what you’re having trouble with. Either way tell me if you want a set.

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Nice, I added you from Xbox app. I’m playing at night most of the time :+1:

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:smirk: thats all this game inspire to me " FUN FUN FUN And more Fun!:wink:

LOmfao :joy:

OMG i feel the love you gotr for that wulf :sob: so cuuuute :hugs:

Lol LOL i wil add you MAru MDQ Aka KIllerqueen!:smirk:

All you need is to be confident and remember we are playing for fun and for enjoy, not to lets see who are the best, bro i like so much all S1 MU with sadira n lobby"s en exibs are the only place i enjoy her with friends.
i use her rarely on rank sinve its plenty S3 characters on there so better aria of glacius.

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You discovered me! :scream::joy:

Nah, seriously. It was never my intention to hide myself. I tried to change Twitch’s nickname but it wouldn’t let me.
My GT is way older than my twitch account. My gt refers to my name and city plus a game of words, while Twtich’s nickname stand for my original GT many years ago, before online play.
I like that most of players from US call me “Queen” while in here they used to call me “Killer”. That’s why I changed it. I felt like a murdered lol, people would just call me Killer in person, it was strange XD

And though I do have a KillerQueen GT (with a variation, because it’s a more common gt) I stayed with the first one I came up in Xbox in 2011 which has all my Gears of War history already. That game was very important because it brought back the passion I lost about games. And it was my return to Vs modes! (haven’t been playing versus since 1994, then stopped in 1997 and started again 2001, the stopped in 2005 and then 2011 until now).

The last one I’m using in Steam is the combination of both, which is MDQueen =3
And I really like it.

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I know every singel Smurfs accounts on this game :sunglasses::wink:

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But I don’t smurf :confused: and we never played! :joy:
But we will :sunglasses:

Okok, I used my boyfriend’s account just one week. That’s totally legal haha

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When you knock him down abuse crouching light punch or kick into overpower. Wulf wins because he can just shut spinal down with very simple methods. Dayton use to abuse those buttons alone and beat bass pretty bad in the mu. Overpower seems to avoid the teleport follow ups and will catch spinal if he tries to light or medium teleport. If spinal gets going your defense just has to be on par and use shadow jump slash or use hamstring to catch spinal when he tries to set up things with skulls. Also you have a down up reversal and since Wulf can target combo into ragged edge he can easily remove 5 stacked curses if he gets just one hit.


Thanks Letalis, I’ll practice how to punish the teleports on point. Then I’ll see how I can get close to him without giving myself away risking he can absorb my specials.