This K.I life spand?

So I still see people wanting a sequel to that I say NO not yet.
What happenned to the hole thing about this K.I being updated threw the entirty of the XBOX ONE life spand has people forgot that they said that when it 1st came out. Lets keep this to be true and focuse on this K.I Life spand keep it going. We can worry about sequels when the next geniration of consoles come out and the Xbox One starts to die for now lets keep our belovide franchise alive by supporting what we have now. There is so much more potential left to be had we are seeing ultanet costumes only just starting with Thunder as our 1st to try it out, Ultimates will soon be a thing as seen with Jago, two more characters are to still come and after that there could still be more I know a lot of people hate this idea but im still hanging out for a fighting game to finally have a 100 characters so LETS GO!, we still have characters who need stages, new exstra stages could be added onto that, even retro stages could be added. No Mercys and Humiliations could still be a thing. Reterning game modes form the SNES and Nintendow 64 K.I game could still come back like Team Mode or all new game modes could be added, we could still get new announcers and all. The point is there is more then enough things they could add to this K.I we have now to keep us happy for Years to come, there is no need for a sequel yet . So lets keep the life spand of this K.I alive at least entil the time come when no more can possibly been done.


The game is set up as f2p even sfv seems to be kinda going that way and kof has sooo I feel we won’t be getting to many sequels in fighting games for a while.

I’m with you keep bringing more content to this game

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