This isn't about entitlement I swear

So I assume that we’re done seeing new KI content judging by recent events.

The Definitive edition has been retroactively handed every piece of new content for free. All of the skin packs, characters, whatever, they get it on a silver platter and that’s cool. But the only reason I can see for them to do this is if its the end of KI to preserve the “definitive” title on the DE and keep players from becoming enraged when they learn that they don’t have all of the content they feel entitled to. If the game was planned to keep going on longer they wouldn’t be doing this, they’d be charging for this post-season content to ensure the game is well funded for years to come, not handing it out like party favors. I guess that’s okay, it makes sense if the game is done to give that stuff to them. As sad as it would make me to hear KI is finished, that would be cool.

I just feel a little left out in the cold however. Again this isn’t about feeling entitled to something I didn’t pay for, not in the slightest. Its just that… if KI is indeed done… It would be nice if the rest of us who have been paying our way since the start could get this kind of consideration.

Again, I only feel this is applicable if KI is indeed finished releasing content but honestly as someone who has bought literally everything KI has produced aside from the skin packs it feels a little crummy to be overlooked when the new kids on the block get all of the content “just because” when some of us have spent well over $200 on this game and supported it for four years so it could thrive and grow.

This isn’t “Waah waah I want free stuff! Gimme gimme!” but as it is now it would be cheaper for me to just buy a new copy of KI than it would be to buy the skin packs I’m missing and that feels gross, I don’t like it. Anyway thanks for reading my little rant, if you got this far. Just felt I wanted to voice my opinion after having gotten the game on Steam and noticing all the content don’t even have on my Xbox account that everyone seems to have but us seasonal supporters.

On a side note…

If KI is indeed “complete” could we please see a skin pack for the Ultimatesource figures? Steam has no means of obtaining them and the rest of us would enjoy the chance to get them, we’ll paaaaaay. You don’t have to give them to DE owners for freeee~


They talked about this when they announced Eagle’s release. It is impossible for them to parse our day 1 supporters from people who came later. Microsoft doesn’t track that. The best we could get was Eagle retroactively being added to Season 3. The reason the steam DE is getting everything was because of a problem on steam’s end. It was either they get everything, or nothing, because the store is structured strangely.

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There are ways to get around it.

I mean they have you take photos of your achievements for free-stuff-friday, Ultimate source had people photograph the collectors cards in the Shago figure boxes as proof that you bought him for their free color 11 promo. My point being there are ways to do it. They could extend the offer to anyone who posts a screencap of their DLC screen to prove that you own all 3. Maybe not the most elegant solution but its possible.

If that’s TRULY impossible, which I doubt that it is at least offer a gold/terror/omen bundle that has all of these skins at a reduced price for those who are boned otherwise.

This please, because I want that Cinder color 10 and there seems like no chance the figure is launching anymore, and I can not for the life of me win one in all the giveaways on twitter.


The Definitive Edition has yet to receive any gold, primal, or omen’s color skins as of yet.

Yes, it should be coming soon, I just wanted to point that out.

That’s all.

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It hasn’t been retroactively added to Definitive Edition for free. Not for me at least. It still asks me to purchase it.