This is my experience so far..Neutral?

Is Fulgore good for neutral? I’m having trouble with footsies. Maybe he isn’t meant to play like that. I’ve been checking his teleport mix ups and that scary. For now I’m just using lab and occasional exhibition vs friends. I really want to have a Fulgore to deal better against specific match ups (Glacius, Kan Ra, Aganos, Thunder, Gargos, Eyedol…).

I mean, he isn’t like Jago (whose frametraps are very dangerous). I’m trying to adapt to a different style. I seem like a “statue” when I play Fulgore and when I’m back to Wulf I feel like a sparrow flying around without wings (even I’m not the most super agreesive wulf out there, I try to play blanaced).

So, can I just go with Fulgore and bully ppl with pressure or am I risking too much?
If I apply pressure they can get out kind of easy since he doesn’t has frametraps like Jago (with the laser nerf).
Before throwing an overhead during a combo people will just jab out of it. Maybe overhead after down + MK ?

Any tip applying pressure and playing neutral will help =)

By the way, the grab teleport mix ups are…WOW O.o

To the contrary. Fulgore can press buttons when it’s your turn.


You should choose between zoning and rushdown depending of your meter, your opponent, and the momentum.

For example, against poor defense characters (Like Gargos), you should be applying pressure on him. Fireball into teleport = left/right mixup. Choose between overhead/low/throw. Use H. Laser to clean minions, fireballs, blade dash into dp if they jump…

Fulgore has a tool for each scenario. The magic comes when you learn where and how use them, and how to fuel your gameplan with his unique meter.

Watch any Circa Nicky fight and you will see real Fulgore preassure!

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Fulgore can still put on some legit pressure; you still have good frame trap options with laser being 0, but it’ll cost you pips. When you have a good feel for when the opponent is going to try and take their turn you can pip cancel to charged blade dash or fireball to frame trap them…just keep in mind that fireball is unsafe on block, so you’ll want to pip cancel that too for safety. Basically he wants to actually use the frame traps as a threat for throw now more than he wanted to use the throw as a threat for frame traps before, because landing the throw won’t cost you pips. Of course, you CAN still press your offense without pip cancels, but it’s a risk.

As for neutral, it’s a bit tricky. You really want the 4-pip forward walk speed enhancement as it makes your ability to threaten with movement from neutral a lot more potent. With the walkspeed buff you can much more easily move from max range of light blade dash to max range of 5MK, and at that range with your amazing forward dash you have a legitimate threat in dash forward throw. Even if you don’t plan on going in, having a stock of pips is key to your neutral as it makes it substantially harder for the opponent to get in. Even if you’re not constantly pip cancelling, the threat alone makes approaching much more of a risk.

Getting your reactor speed to where you want it should be a high priority early in the match because both your pressure options and neutral options are greatly expanded once you’re sitting on a few.

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^^^ This!!!

Fulgore is basically safe after light blade dash. He gets enough push back to where he cant be grabbed yet he can grab after a failed punish. He also can block the punish and then hit confirm light crouching kick in to combo or just hit buttons and beat you to the punch.

You need to just let loose and you will see


What do you mean by 5? I get MK but I don’t get the five xD

BTW, thank you all for your answers. I’ll keep on practcing with him =)

5 could represent the button command on a PC key board? I dont know

Look at the directions on your stick, then look at your numpad.
5 is a neutral input. I’m used to that notation because it’s faster to type.

So, in other words, it’s a standing medium kick, right?


Light laser is -2 on block. It’s the M laser that’s 0 now.

I’m aware. Did I type L laser?

Well you typed laser 0. Which is half right.

That’s a silly nitpick when the OP already indicated they know about the laser nerf, meaning they already know which version is 0 on block.

It is, to an extent yes. It’s not really an issue.

Now that I got what a numpad (teclado numérico) was it’s a lot easier, thanks