This is a glitch, right?

was going through Sadira’s accessories, and this happened. Sadira with no stockings. Tried to go back, and play her like that, but it didn’t work.

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Looks like the game forgot about the lower body accessory, and set it back to default. Look, the shoes changed too.

sucks. I’ve been wanting to take those ungly stockings off of her! lol. Happened twice. If you go to purchase a genie pants, and then press cancel.

You cant choose her default lower body???

with the ugly stockings? yeah. lol

No. Her DEFAULT costume doesn’t have those.

You have to select them.

You can put it back to default if you want to.

That’s a unique color 5 thing. For whatever reason, Sadira’s color 5 doesn’t have stockings. All the other ones do.

The genie pants don’t really matter - they just cover up her legs and change her shoes. The stockings will be there or not depending on the base color chosen.

not mine. She has those damn things on all of them.

That’s her genie accessory leg set… If you have them on all the time then you have all your default custom slots filled with that accessory or you keep selecting the same one… There is no glitch here. Default custom is before default on the character select

surely. there is something that I’m misunderstanding. This is her default.