This game really needs to fix it's matchmaking

I’m sorry but if I have to play against the same person 3-4 times in a row on ranked there’s something wrong with the game. I really don’t know if this is common or not but it’s serious huge pet peave of mine to have to play the same person over and over again outside of an agreed set match to 10 or whatever. It’s really not cool. I don’t know if this game has an MMR system in place or it just places you based on your rank but it needs tweeking. I’m trying not to sound like an ■■■ but it’s really aggravating. (Frustrated post is frustrating 7/9/17 lol)

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When this has happened do you immediately hoop back into matchmaking? Because oftentimes when you do you will get matched up against the same person again because…well…conditions are prime to match the 2 of you back up again.
What I usually do is after the second or 3rd matchup against the same player I wait a minute or 2, give them time to find another match so they won’t be available when I’m searching again.

Hope that helps.

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No one shouldn’t really have to do that. If getting paired up against the same person is such a common thing then I’d suggest adding the “Do not play against last player” feature that DOA has. I honestly love it. Personally i’d rather wait a few more seconds to minutes then put against someone I bodied too easily or someone who perfected me without much effort etc etc

Unless the opponent does the same thing and you still match up with them. Just a hypothetical of course :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not that common to get paired up 3-4 times in a row.

Sometimes matchmaking has issues. It has literally happened in every genre of online game I’ve ever played since the OG Xbox.

Just wait a few minutes and try again later.

BTW Xbox still has a feature where you can rate a player by thier gamertag and choose if you want to avoid playing with that person anymore.

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Blocking somebody will not work in KI. They’ve purposely fixed that to stop manipulation.

What do you mean that won’t work? Is that true? Got a source?

they stopped it after an infamous case of vjdouble. Hed block good players for easy rank points. This affected ki world cup points. So they put that change in after banning double. He blocked me but I still ended up running into him later on.

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Wow that sucks. Good to know.

If you are playing the same person multiple times in a row in ranked matches it is because they are likely the only person playing ranked at the time that meets the matchmaking criteria for you. The only “solution” to this problem is for more people to play ranked matches.

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Omen 6 times in a row man! I has a mini-set and didn’t even know it lol.

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