This forum is dead

Where’s all the ARIA serv…I mean fans?

She’s doesn’t bite…harshly.

Where’s all the discussions, arguments, all that jazz? IF ARIA is gona save the world, she needs our support.

No that’s gargos

Technically Kan-Ra.


She had too. She did to kill him. She planned almost everything thus far. From glacius’ crash, to hisako’s return to the portal opening of gargos.

She did it to erase an evil that would have consumed the world. That’s pretty good in my books.

Lol Aria is so cool.

Gargos knew about the earth. Why do you think Omen took control of jago and started feeding energy to gargos? Who would be returning but on his own terms?

ARIA (supposedly) did it early, premature. So kill him while he’s unprepared.

I love ARIA.


Aria is meh now so yeah.

We need ARIA and Jago to fight Gargos side by side. actually… they wont stand a chance against Gargos In walks JT Wombo

Sounds like the OP got what he wanted, lol.

Honestly while ARIA’s reasons behind what she did are understandable. Admittedly she did go a tad over-board. She did what she thought was better for humanity, even though this will inevitably kill off much of the human race. Or go well beyond anything she predicted.

I wouldn’t expect her to be wrong in this situation since she did make a snap judgement about Glacius.

We’ll see what happens.

Well she did say it’s time for a reckoning. To be rewarded or to be punished based on your actions. I mean ARIA seems to vision that if a huge threat is looking to make you extinct…you think that would be enough to rile up humanity band together and defeat it or die. And have ARIA at the tip of the spear. The humans are then arm, ARIA is the blade. Then the other part of her plan was to take the fight to gargos, keep him off balance.

I think it’s a god plan. All bisiam aside it’s a good plan… I mean what’s not to get? Remember joker from the dark knight?

“It’s like gravity. All it needs it a little push.”