This character is great!

I’ve been winning most of my games with him and I believe I can be the kan-ra for season 3!


I also really like Season 3 Kan Ra, glad to see that the good word of Ma’ Soup is spreading :stew:

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Sorry, but you’re a bit late to the party - while he may not play Kan-Ra much anymore, I will always see @F3Sleep as THE Kan-Ra.

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Heck yeah! Do it up man! We need a replacement Kan-Ra to prove how good he still is! Sleep can keep his Aria, he has her down. Just because Kan-Ra isn’t OP anymore from his justified nerfs, doesn’t mean a character specialist cannot dominate with him. If you play in any tourneys, post something I would love to see your matches!

1 Like I am still working on doing more combos with the dust bugs and using the scorpion stinger anti air in the right placement but I will get there

Sure thing I will be playing in tgsweekly tournament on Monday so don’t miss it!

I will gladly hand over my crown if a KanRa even makes it out of pool in a sea of REAL Killers no online T-shirt prize tournament. KanRa is still fun to me but is he viable No! All the training mode situational combos that fubuki has(much respect) but your not seeing those combos verses know one good I PROMISE!! But hey what do i know i’ve only painted the way of Kanra"… because there wasn’t any placing stuff that was important if that… just saying :wink:


:rolling_eyes: you know the OnenOnly had a good Kan-ra too.

Love the enthusiasm! Looking forward to seeing what you can do! :smiley:


Did you mean the TheOneNOnly? He was was amazing Kan player yes…

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Yeah my bad.