This application encountered a problem. Reinstall it to repair

well about 2 days ago i was playing killer instinct on my windows 10 pc then suddenly the game stop working and then appear a message that says:

"This application encountered a problem. Reinstall it to repair."

then i cant play now because i still downloading again the game; in the game page on the features says something like this approximate size 26,8 GB, then my question is this, i still downloading the game and i have 53.0 GB, can any tell me what its hapening here?? someone knows how many more Gibs i need to download? i wanna play, this is frustrating. please help…

sorry about my bad english, i am mexican and my lang is spanish.

This happened to me as well. I uninstalled the old one and reinstalled the new one. I too would like clarification.

how many GB yo download when install again??

26.8 Gb

then what can be hapening with my download? LOL

i uninstall and delete the game folder, then reinstall again, now its working